How to Unlock Sprint USA Network for iPhone

Most of the iPhone users choose to purchase their iPhones with a contract and Sprint USA Network is one of the most popular Mobile Networks there.

There are many reasons to Unlock Sprint USA Network for your iPhone, with the most common one to be travelling outside of USA.

Let me explain you how you can Unlock Sprint USA Network for any iPhone and what you should pay attention before proceeding with an iPhone Unlock Order (Through iPhoneUnlock.Zone).

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Unlock Sprint USA Network for iPhone – All methods

Unlock Sprint USA NetworkThe iPhone Unlocking Procedure is very simple, assuming that you want to proceed with an Official IMEI Unlocking Method.

The Software and Hardware Unlocking Methods have more complicated guides and also do not support all iPhone models, iOS and Baseband versions. Their major disadvantage is that they do not offer you a permanent unlock and their results are not guaranteed.

Having said that, everyone suggests to go for the Official IMEI Method to Unlock Sprint USA Network, and I must agree with that.

Prepare your iPhone to Unlock Sprint USA Network

The following steps should be followed regardless the Mobile Network that blocks your iPhone, because they will help you to learn all the details about your iPhone, and be 100% sure for the options you are going to choose while ordering your iPhone Unlock.

  • Do an iPhone IMEI Full Check

    • SIM-Lock Check

    • Mobile Network Identification

    • Blacklist Status Check

    • Find My iPhone and iCloud Lock Check

    • IMEI and Serial Replacement Check

    • Warranty/Hardware/General Information Check

All the above information are important if you want to have a smooth and guaranteed iPhone Unlock Procedure.

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How to Unlock Sprint USA Network for iPhone 3Gs, 4, 4s, 5, 5c, 5s, 6 and 6+?

First, you need to find a trusted, tested and verified IMEI Unlock Provider which can Unlock Sprint USA Network for your iPhone model.

How to Unlock Sprint USA NetworkThen the procedure is very simple, because you already know all the above information from the iPhone IMEI Check you just made!

  1. Provide them your iPhone’s IMEI Number

  2. Provide them an e-mail so they can inform you about the completion of the unlock

  3. Choose the Network you want to unlock (Sprint USA)

  4. Proceed with the payment (Always choose Paypal as payment option)

After a few days, they will inform you that your iPhone is now unlocked and they will provide you a quick guide to finalize and verify your unlocked iPhone through iTunes.

Unlock Sprint USA Network through iTunes

This procedure is very quick and easy:

  • Plug your iPhone through USB to your computer
  • Launch iTunes
  • Sync your iPhone with iTunes (or in some cases do an iOS restore to the latest iOS version)
  • Get the message “Congratulations, your iPhone is Unlocked”

and that’s it.

Now you managed to Unlock Sprint USA Network permanently and you are free to use any mobile Network you want worldwide!

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