How to unlock second hand iPhone guaranteed and successfully

Do you want to find out how to unlock second hand iPhone in 24 hours?

Read this article and learn How to unlock second hand iPhone immediately and on top of that how to get your money back if the iPhone Unlocking fails!

There is only one way to unlock your used iPhone successfully and safe and I will show you how to do it!

This is how to unlock second hand iPhone

How to unlock second hand iPhone has to do with an IMEI Check Service BEFORE any further attempt for iPhone Unlocking!

  • You can’t use the iPhone you just bought from an online or local store or even from the streets, that was a present from a friend or you just found it somewhere!
  • You get the invalid SIM card message, or it asks you Apple ID and Password to activate it or it just doesn’t work

Is the iPhone:

  • How to unlock second hand iPhone-questionSIM Locked?
  • Blacklisted?
  • Worldwide Blacklisted?
  • Which Mobile Network locked it?
  • iCloud Locked?
  • Active on another account?
  • Under Contract?
  • Protected by Apple Warranty?
  • Involved in fraud or criminal activities?
  • useless because an Insurance Claim has already been made?

How to unlock second hand iPhone when I don’t know any of this???

How to unlock second hand iPhone-IMEI Check Info
These are just a sample of what the IMEI Check Report will show you

The iPhone IMEI Check Service will INSTANTLY let you know all the above and all other hidden issues your refurbished iPhone might have from more than 100.000 Carriers’ databases worldwide and of course Apple’s GSX databases! The iPhone’s IMEI number is the only requirement (Find an iPhone’s IMEI number)

You already spent hundreds of dollars (or your country’s currency) to buy the used iPhone and the iPhone IMEI Check Service will only cost you $10 more to know every little detail about your iPhone and unlock it successfully

I and UnlockUltrasnow Team highly recommend UnlockSpector for IMEI Check Services and let me explain why after all these years of experience we singled out this provider!

  • They will uncover ALL your iPhone’s secret data and provide you with right info to use an Official IMEI Unlock Service successfully and without fear of being scammed and use an iPhone Unlock Solution you don’t really need!
  • You will instantly get the IMEI Check report with ultimately accurate information
  • Their customer support is AWESOME. UnlockSpector’s PROs will tell you exactly ”How to unlock second hand iPhone” and if the unlocking procedure fails or you iPhone can’t be unlocked you will get ALL your money back (even the $10 you spent for the IMEI Check Service)
  • You can use the IMEI Check Report as a certificate, an unquestionable proof that the iPhone is unlocked if you decide to sell it and make $100 to $200 more because unlocked used iPhone’s prices are way higher that the locked ones

You don’t have to be a PRO to unlock a pre-owned iPhone! Trust the PROs, they know how to unlock second hand iPhone!

How to unlock second hand iPhone-Check-button

Become a PRO: How to unlock second hand iPhone

There are so many things that can lock your iPhone or even make it useless, beyond unlock or repair.

It is now on your hands to become a PRO of how to unlock second hand iPhone and believe me: All these links below will make you one!

I gather all the hot stuff for you in one place. How to unlock second hand iPhone will be a piece of cake for you!

The right Unlock Method to unlock a second hand iPhone

How to unlock second hand iPhone, whatever is locking the iPhone, has only one cure: The Official IMEI Unlock Method!

This Method is approved by Apple and ALL Carriers and uses their databases to find an iPhone IMEI number inside them and alter the locked status to unlocked!

The iPhone unlocking is permanent with no limitations in iTunes usage or iOS updating!

You can use any Carrier in the whole world!

All the Official IMEI Unlock Method needs is the following info:

  • IMEI number
  • iPhone model
  • Blacklist Status
  • The Mobile Network the iPhone is locked

If you don’t provide this info accurately the unlock process will fail and this is why the IMEI Check report is so important. You won’t get your money back from any unlock provider if your info was wrong and why should you!

The best IMEI Unlock Provider to unlock a second hand iPhone

The Official IMEI Unlock Provider we trust and recommend is iPhoneUnlock.Zone. You will just fill in the 4 required info, if you don’t know all the info they will do an IMEI Check for you (with the same accuracy and effectiveness of UnlockSpector) and you will get ALL your money back if they fail to unlock your iPhone or your iPhone can’t be unlocked!

You can also check their 97% satisfied customer reviews on Sitejabber!

Summarizing how to unlock second hand iPhone

The damage is done; your pre-owned iPhone is locked but there are solutions to your problem if you follow the right path

#1. Check & Unlock your used iPhone with UnlockSpector or get your money back

#2. Unlock your second hand iPhone with iPhoneUnlock.Zone. If you haven’t done an IMEI Check before, they will get you one, unlock your iPhone or get your money back in case of failure!

Did you find this article useful? Did you manage to unlock your refurbished iPhone? Did you become an iPhone Unlocking Pro? Do you still have questions about iPhone Unlocking?

Leave a comment below and I or one of UnlockUltrasnow Team will get back to you as soon as possible! Take care!

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    1. Jason ( User Karma: 54996 ) says:

      Hello Stephani,

      It depends, but most likely yes!

      You need to know in which network this device is locked to, its blacklist status and its iCloud status.

      If you do not know these info about your iPhone (With 100% certainty) you must get a full iPhone IMEI check report, before trying to unlock it.

      You can order one from the following link: UnlockSpector – iPhone IMEI Check services

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