How to unlock iPhone 7 & use any SIM Card from any Carrier

Getting one of the best smartphones is one thing but how to unlock iPhone 7 and SIM free it, is another!

The only way to unlock your iPhone 7’s full potential is to use an Official IMEI Unlock Service and make your iPhone 7 a global smartphone!
Read this article and learn:

  • How to unlock a new iPhone 7 which is still under contract or
  • How to unlock a refurbished iPhone 7 and how to IMEI check it for hidden issues that might ruin the iPhone Unlocking process

How to unlock iPhone 7 – Which are your iPhone Unlocking options

There are only 2 ways to SIM Unlock an iPhone:

  1. Through the Carrier’s Unlocking Services (or course, I mean the Carrier that Network locked your iPhone)
  2. With Factory Official Unlock Service (aka Official IMEI Unlock Method)

Carriers’ Unlocking services vary from one network to another but all of them require a lot of paperwork and oppose ridiculous limitations because Carriers don’t want us to unlock our iPhones and this is why SIM Lock exists after all!

On the other hand, Factory Official Unlock knows no boundaries and it will unlock any iPhone model, iOS version, Baseband and Carrier!


If you try to use other iPhone Unlocking Methods like Software-Jailbreak Unlock, Hardware Unlock, Software Installation tools or YouTube unlock tutorials:

  • Your iPhone 7 will remain locked
  • You might damage your iDeviceHow to unlock iPhone 7 and avoid all the dangers from useless iPhone Unlocking Methods!
  • You won’t get a refund when these iPhone Unlocking options fail
  • Apple Warranty or AppleCare+ will be spoiled (this goes to Hardware iPhone Unlock Method)
  • You will put your Credit/Debit card account in danger


The Factory Official Unlock Method & how to unlock iPhone 7

Let me tell you a few more about the IMEI Unlock Method

  • It is recognized by Apple and Carriers
  • It has authorized access to their databases (Apple’s GSX database and Carriers’ servers)
  • It finds your iPhone inside them and changes the SIM lock status from locked to unlocked
  • It Network unlocks your iPhone permanently
  • You will be able to use any SIM Card from any GSM Network worldwide after the unlock
  • It supports ALL iPhone models, iOS versions, Basebands, Mobile Networks and it is available in all countries
  • It usually takes 1 to 7 days
  • It can be used on Blacklisted iPhones
    (in this case, it might take more time, it is more expensive, you might not be able to use it inside the country it was blacklisted and it is called Premium Factory Unlock)
  • Apple Warranty and AppleCare+ won’t be spoiled
  • All iPhone features work perfectly after the unlock (iTunes, iOS updates, iCloud, etc.)
  • Paypal is supported

In order to unlock your iPhone 7 with Official IMEI Unlock Method you will need:

  1. The iPhone 7’s IMEI number (click and learn all the ways to find an iPhone’s IMEI number)
  2. The iPhone 7’s Blacklist Status
  3. The name of the Mobile Network that SIM locked your iPhone 7

How to unlock an iPhone 7 when you bought it as new

First of all, you can contact your Carrier and learn what it takes to unlock your iPhone 7 with their services! Keep in mind that as long as your iPhone is still under contract the Mobile Network might ask for $300 or simply refuse. In most cases, you will have to wait for at least 6 months and like I told you there are many additional limitations.

The Official IMEI Unlock Method will get the job done in no time!

Since you are the first owner of this iPhone 7 and all your contract bills are paid (otherwise the iPhone will become blacklisted), you have all the necessary info and in a few days, you will own a SIM Unlocked iPhone 7!

How to unlock a second-hand iPhone 7

Factory Official Unlock method works like a clock with refurbished iPhones but you want to be more careful in this case!

You bought a used iPhone 7 and you get the invalid SIM Card message

  • Is your iPhone really SIM Locked? (maybe it has a hardware issue)
  • Is the pre-owned iPhone 7 blacklisted? Why was it Blacklisted?
  • Which Mobile Network locked it or blacklisted it?
  • Is the refurbished iPhone still under contract?
  • Is the iPhone 7 protected by Apple Warranty or AppleCare+?
  • Is the used iPhone 7 still protected by an Insurance plan? (in this case, you are in danger of Insurance Claims)
  • Is the second hand iPhone 7 still active with a previous Apple ID? (this means that the iPhone can be iCloud Locked)
  • Was this iPhone replaced by Apple due to hardware issues?
  • Was the iPhone 7’s IMEI number replaced by Apple?

As you see, maybe you won’t be able to provide the necessary info accurately and on top of that, there are many hidden iPhone issues that might ruin the IMEI Unlock procedure!

How to unlock iPhone 7 after using an IMEI Check Service
+ iPhone true market value and more than 10 other secret problems

All these can be avoided with a simple iPhone IMEI Check Service!

The iPhone 7’s IMEI number is enough to expose everything with the info you will be provided from Apple’s GSX databases and Mobile Networks’ servers!

Skipping the iPhone IMEI check also means that you will get no refund in case of iPhone Unlocking failure!

Don’t forget that if you IMEI Check a refurbished iPhone before you buy it you will know exactly what you are getting
(so, you will never buy a problematic or locked second handed iPhone at first place)

Summary of how to unlock iPhone 7

In my opinion, Official IMEI Unlock Method is the best when it comes to iPhone Unlocking! But in order to be 100% sure about the success of your iPhone 7 SIM Unlocking, an IMEI Check is crucial!

Are you still not sure about how to unlock iPhone 7? Leave a comment below and I will help you ASAP!
Take care iPhone Unlockers!


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    I have a Sprint Iphone 7. It is still under contract and it is carrier locked. Is it possible to unlock the phone to be used with another carrier?

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