How to unlock blacklisted iPhone and use any GSM Network I want

”How to unlock blacklisted iPhone” is a really frequent question on our blog and you need to be extra careful when you have to deal with blacklisted iPhones!

The reason your iPhone was blacklisted plays the most crucial part in a Premium IMEI Unlock Service, which is the only way to SIM Unlock an iPhone that had entered a country’s blacklist!

In this article, I will show you:

  • What is the Blacklist Status
  • How to Factory Unlock a Blacklisted iPhone
  • What will be the outcome of a Factory Premium Unlock Service, depending on the reason your iPhone was blacklisted?
  • What to do if you still can’t use the iPhone inside your country after the unlocking procedure

The Blacklist Status & How to unlock blacklisted iPhones

The creation of mobile blacklists began in Europe back in 2003 and until 2013, every country in the world owns its very own blacklist. On top of that, some countries share their blacklists together! Fortunately, this is applied to neighboring countries and this means that an iPhone can be blacklisted inside one country and maybe 1-2 nearby countries more. For example, an iPhone which was blacklisted inside the USA will be also blacklisted in Mexico, Canada and Puerto Rico (and vice versa)!

The blacklist Status and how to unlock blacklisted iPhoneBut how an iPhone gets inside the Blacklist?

  • An iPhone becomes blacklisted when it is reported as lost or stolen by the original owner to his/her Mobile Network
  • An iPhone will be blacklisted if it was involved in fraud or illegal activities (keep in mind that if an iPhone was involved in a major crime, such as a terrorist attack, it will be worldwide blacklisted)
  • An iPhone will also become blacklisted when there are contract bills left unpaid by the original owner

You can read more about an iPhone’s Blacklist Status by clicking here!

Premium IMEI Unlock Service & How to unlock blacklisted iPhone

The iPhone Unlocking solution for blacklisted iPhones is a Premium IMEI Unlock Service (also known as Factory Premium Unlock)!

This service works like Official IMEI Unlock Service! After all, it is a more advanced Factory Unlock method, specially designed for blacklisted iDevices and this is why it is more expensive and takes more time (usually 7-30 business days).

The requirements of Factory Premium Unlock are:

  1. The Blacklisted iPhone’s IMEI Number (click here if you don’t know how to find the IMEI number of your iPhone)

  2. The iPhone model
  3. Which Carrier blacklisted and locked the iPhone
  4. The iPhone’s Blacklist Status

If you are not sure about the accuracy of your info and want to eradicate any other hidden issue that might ruin the Premium IMEI Unlocking process, you should first check your iPhone with an IMEI Check Service!


How to Unlock a Blacklisted iPhone: The results of Factory Premium Unlock

Like I told you from the beginning of this article, the blacklisting reason will determine the final outcome of SIM Unlocking! Despite the fact that your iPhone will be Network Unlocked after the Premium IMEI Unlock Service, at the same time, it will remain blacklisted. An iPhone can be unblacklisted only when the reason it was blacklisted is no longer valid!

However, if your iPhone was blacklisted by T-Mobile USA then there is a 100% guaranteed Unbar/Unblacklist T-Mobile USA iPhone Service (if I find a similar service for another Carrier, I will let you know immediately)

  • If your iPhone was Blacklisted for STOLEN/LOST/FRAUD reasons, then you most probably won’t be able to use it inside the country it was blacklisted and maybe one or two nearby countries if they share their blacklists! But it will be fully unlocked everywhere else in the world!
  • If your iPhone was Blacklisted for pending contract bills, then you will be able to use any GSM Carrier inside the country it was blacklisted and everywhere else in the world except the Mobile Network that blacklisted it!

What to do if you still can’t use the Blacklisted iPhone you unlocked inside your country

Right now, you might be thinking: Hey man, why the hell would I want to Factory Unlock my Blacklisted iPhone when I live in the same country it was blacklisted?

Of course, you were scammed into spending hundreds of USD (or any currency) to buy a seemingly unlocked iPhone from an online market which was proven blacklisted and locked (you should really IMEI Check an iPhone before you buy it to avoid these situations) and now you used a Premium IMEI Unlock Service but you still not be able to use the iPhone inside your country!

You must understand that now you have to alternatives you didn’t have before the Factory Premium Unlock Service

  1. You can sell this iPhone as unlocked for its maximum current market value to any country in the world by using an online market like eBay, Craigslist, Amazon, etc. This means that you can cover part of your money loss, all of it or even make a few bucks in the end!
  2. You can use this iPhone when you travel abroad with local SIM cards from any GSM Network you want and avoid expensive roaming fees. So, now you have a travel iPhone!

I really hope you found this article useful and you are more than welcome to ask me anything about iPhone Unlocking by leaving a comment below!
Take care iPhone Unlockers!

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