How to Unlock AT&T USA Network for iPhone

AT&T USA Network is considered the most popular carrier in the USA and most people are buying their iPhones with an AT&T contract.

We received a lot of questions from our visitors on How to Unlock AT&T USA Network for iPhones. There are plenty of reasons that people want to unlock their AT&T iPhones, and the most common one is coming from University students (They want to get back to their countries, but their AT&T iPhone cannot operate with other Mobile Networks).

You can Unlock AT&T USA Network very easily, but there are a few things to take into consideration before purchasing an Official IMEI Unlock.

Unlock AT&T USA Network for iPhone – Available Methods

How to Unlock AT&T USA NetworkThere are three available Unlocking Methods, the Software, the Hardware and the Official IMEI Method. As you saw in the above paragraph, I only mentioned Official IMEI Unlock, because all Mobile Networks and Apple suggest it.

It is considered a permanent and guaranteed solution that can Unlock AT&T USA Network, and basically all Mobile Networks worldwide (With a few exceptions).

Prepare your iPhone to Unlock AT&T USA Network

Before ordering your AT&T Official IMEI Unlock, there are a few things that you need to know about your iPhone, especially if it is a Second-Hand device.

Perform a Full iPhone IMEI Check:

  • SIM-Lock Check (Verify that your iPhone is Locked/Unlocked)

  • Mobile Network Identification (Make sure that your iPhone is activated and locked on AT&T Network)

  • Blacklist Status Check (Learn if your iPhone is reported as lost or stolen, or if it has pending contract payment bills)

  • Find My iPhone and iCloud Lock (Is it locked by its original owner?)

  • IMEI/Serial Replacement Check (Has its IMEI or Serial number been replaced?)

  • Warranty Check (Service and Telephone Coverage still active?)

  • Hardware and General Info Check (If this iPhone you are planning to buy really the one that the seller advertises?)

Each and every information from the above list is very important and you need to know them if you want to make a smooth and safe Official IMEI Unlock Order.

How to Unlock AT&T USA Network for iPHone 3Gs, 4, 4s, 5, 5c, 5s, 6 and 6+?

Unlock AT&T USA NetworkNow that you know everything about your iPhone (Assuming that you made the Full iPhone IMEI Check), you are ready to Unlock AT&T USA Network with Official IMEI Method.

  • Locate and Send your iPhone’s IMEI Number

  • Provide them a valid e-mail (So they can reach you when the unlock is completed)

  • Choose the AT&T USA Network

  • Proceed with the payment (Make sure to use PayPal only!)

Usually, the AT&T Unlock is being completed within 2-3 days. Then you should receive an e-mail which will confirm that your iPhone is unlocked, and a few steps that will help you to finalize and verify the unlocked status of your iPhone.

Unlock AT&T USA Network via iTunes

This is only a 2 minute procedure:

  • Connect your iPhone to your computer through USB
  • Open iTunes
  • Sync or fully restore your iPhone
  • Get the “Congratulations, your iPhone is now Unlocked” message

After getting that message, you can be 100% sure that you managed to Unlock AT&T USA Network permanently!

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