The Right Way To Unlock – How To Unlock A Stolen iPhone Legally

how to unlock a stolen iPhone legally - stolen iPhoneYes, this is that controversial post that talks about how to unlock a stolen iPhone legally. First things first, do you know just how many hopeful iPhone owners discover that they have stolen iPhones when they get an iPhone status check done?

It seems like that taboo subject everyone avoids, how to unlock a stolen iPhone legally. For some, it may sound like giving thieves or would-be thieves more tips on how to get away with the crime. The sad reality is that stolen iPhones are out there and get sold every other day. These iPhones end up in the hands of unsuspecting, and a few knowing, pre-owned iPhone buyers. The stolen iPhones leave a trail of virtually useless iPhones locked up in drawers across the globe.

It only makes sense to help every unsuspecting stolen iPhone buyer out there to try to unlock stolen iPhones.

Where Do People Get Stolen iPhones?

The image that comes to mind when talking about how to unlock a stolen iPhone legally is that of a frantic iPhone owner who lost their phone. Naturally, morality has us imagining that the person with the stolen iPhone obtained it illegally. It isn’t always the case, and some iPhone owners who find themselves with stolen iPhones got them legally.

how to unlock a stolen iPhone legally - stolen iPhoneYes, it is possible to have a legally obtained stolen iPhone. To sum it up, it all comes down to rogue sellers pulling a fast one on online iPhone buyers. Some will report the iPhone stolen after selling it online or claim insurance on it. The aftermath is a customer unknowingly ending up with an iPhone they may have used for a while but can no longer use.

Lost Then Stolen

Going around online forums, some people give accounts of finding iPhones left at the airport, in buses, or even picking up iPhones off of the street. Yes, they probably should try to return the iPhones to their owners, but sometimes it isn’t possible. Again, the iPhones end up reported as stolen and the people who found them cannot get meaningful use out of stolen iPhones.

Another way some people end up with stolen iPhones is after buying them from a yard or church sale. After figuring out that they can’t get any use out of an iPhone, some people may donate iPhones to churches or gift them to relatives. An unsuspecting buyer comes in and buys the iPhone only to, later on, realize that they have a stolen iPhone.

Then, we cannot rule out that some people did not get the iPhone in the most legal of ways. Regardless, no one will ever come out and outrightly admit to having stolen an iPhone. However, scores will go from forum to forum online asking how to unlock a stolen iPhone legally.

How To Unlock A Stolen iPhone Legally

The first question anyone with a stolen iPhone asks is if they can get a stolen iPhone unlocked. The answer is yes, and it all comes down to the way you choose to go about it.

Trial And Error

how to unlock a stolen iPhone legally - iPhone passcodeWhat is your iPhone passcode? Well, probably it is a 4-digit PIN. Human nature sees to it that most people will use their birthdays, addresses, and the last four digits of phone numbers as their iPhone passcodes.

Now, think about how many times anyone picks up an iPhone and enters that four digit passcode. It does not take much than some basic CSI to figure out what numbers get pressed a lot.

Remember that it takes six passcode attempts before an iPhone gets disabled for a minute. After, that another three to six incorrect attempts and the iPhone gets disabled for up to 60 minutes. Ten wrong passcode entries disable the iPhone permanently requiring an iTunes or iCloud reset.

iPhone iTunes Reset

So, you have a disabled iPhone after entering the wrong passcode ten times in a row. Now, you have the additional problem of enabling a disabled iPhone. You can give the iPhone iTunes reset a try to reactivate your iPhone.

Firstly, you need to understand that the iTunes reset process will wipe your iPhone clean. Sad, but it is the only way to get back full function of the iPhone after it gets disabled from ten wrong passcode entries. The iTunes reset will also get rid of the iPhone passcode.

iPhone Passcode Hack

how to unlock a stolen iPhone legally - iPhone passcode hackIt seems like iPhone passcode hack applications are everywhere online. Well, some do work, and they can get you past that iPhone passcode. However, most of them do not use the most upright means to bypass iPhone passcodes.

Now, one of the most recent hacks floated online works by tricking iCloud using a fake server. It works for iPhones under iOS 7. The iPhone iCloud hack works by changing your iPhone DNS so that their own server’s intercept the Activation Lock. The result is that they can get by iPhone Activation Locks.

Other iPhone passcode hack applications work by jailbreaking the iPhone to sidestep passcode. Many people also try using the myriads of password-hacking apps when trying to unlock a stolen iPhone.

However, all these methods are not exactly legal, and you don’t want to get caught up in it all.

What Happens To People With Stolen iPhones?

Whether or not you illegally obtained the iPhone or not, just by the fact that you have it in your possession spells trouble. A stolen iPhone means that someone reported it as stolen. It also means that it is a matter of time before an iPhone remote erase and blacklist happens.

how to unlock a stolen iPhone legally - stolen iPhone issuesThe police most likely do not come knocking down your door to recover the stolen iPhone, but the sure thing is that having a stolen iPhone is more trouble than you need. You cannot use it, and there is the rightful owner out there looking for it. It makes sense to try your best to return the stolen iPhone to its rightful owner. The first way, and easiest way, to get a hold of the owner is through the Find My iPhone “lost/stolen message” If the owner has placed their iPhone in lost mode, a message will run on the iPhone screen. The message displays a number asking anyone who comes across the iPhone to call.

For an iPhone that is passcode locked, try asking Siri for help. You can bypass an iPhone passcode to do things like send messages or make calls with the support from Siri. Obviously, this is only possible if the passcode bypass settings are enabled. Get Siri to “Call home,” “Call dad,” “Call mom,” “call my wife,” or “call my partner” to get a hold of the iPhone owner. Also, keep the iPhone powered on because the iPhone owner may use Find My iPhone to locate the phone.

Get A Hold Of The Original iPhone Owner

Try performing an iPhone Contact Information check, which can reveal information about the carrier that has blacklisted the iPhone. With this information, you can call the service provider and possibly get a hold of the owner’s details using the IMEI information.

Well, this post has explored possible ways on how to unlock a stolen iPhone legally. If you have started with attempting to contact the iPhone owner and haven’t been successful, you can go ahead and try the unlock process.  Also, unlocking a stolen iPhone should only be something you try if you legally bought the iPhone. If you have an iCloud locked stolen iPhone that is not blacklisted, get a step by step guide on How To Legally Unlock An iPhone.

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