How to unlock a found iPhone & use any Mobile Network you want

How to unlock a found iPhone is a quite frequent question I get! Of course, it’s not the easiest job in the world but if you follow the correct procedure:

  1. Check the iPhone you found and find out all the problems it might have
  2. Make sure the iCloud Activation Lock is removed first in case, the found iPhone is iCloud locked
  3. Proceed with the iPhone Unlocking Service that suits your needs

How to unlock a found iPhone: A complete guide

You wanted to know how to unlock a found iPhone! Follow this step-by-step guide and maximize your chances for successful iPhone Unlocking!

1. IMEI Check the found iPhone before anything else

You don’t have a clue about the issues this found iPhone might have! Here are all the must-know issues that affect iPhone Unlocking:

  1. The found iPhone’s SIM Lock Status
  2. The found iPhone’s Blacklist Status
  3. Which Carrier is locking or blacklisted the found iPhone
  4. The found iPhone iCloud Lock Status
  5. The found iPhone’s Contract Status
  6. The found iPhone’s Financial Balance
  7. The Apple Warranty & AppleCare+ Status
  8. The Insurance Plan Status
  9. The case that the found iPhone has a replaced IMEI number
  10. The case that the found iPhone has a replaced Serial number

You can read more detail about all these iPhone Hidden Issues by clicking here.

The only way to uncover all of them in 2-24 hours is using an iPhone IMEI Check Service! With authorized access to Apple’s GSX databases and Carriers’ servers, the IMEI Check Report will contain all the info above plus the found iPhone’s True Specs and True Market Value!

You will only need the found iPhone’s IMEI number (click here if you don’t know how to discover the found iPhone’s IMEI number)

Skipping the Check-Part always leads to bad endings!

2. Disable the iCloud Activation Lock First (How to unlock a found iPhone)

Unlock iCloud 9How to unlock a found iPhone when it is iCloud Locked

The only thing you can know for sure without an iPhone IMEI Check Service in the case of a found iPhone is if the iPhone is iCloud Locked because you will get stuck in the iCloud Activation Lock Screen as soon as you turn it on!

If you are lucky there will be a phone number or an email address on this Screen which belongs to the iPhone’s original owner. I’m only saying this because ONLY the person who iCloud Locked the iPhone you found can deactivate the Find My iPhone Activation Lock (another name of iCloud Activation Lock)!

If you try any kind of iCloud Removal Software you will soon find out that none of them is working and there is also high risk to put your credit/debit card account in grave danger from Malware and Spyware some of these fake iCloud Bypass tools contain!

So, if you see personal info of the found iPhone’s original owner, go ahead and reach him/her and ask for iCloud Unlocking because there is no other way around it!

But if you don’t see such a message, then an iCloud Contact Information Service will get you ALL original owner’s contact information by legally accessing Apple’s iCloud Databases

How to unlock a found iPhone. This is how your iCloud Contact Information report will look like

To use this service, you will need the found iPhone’s IMEI number and UDID Number (click here if you don’t know how to find an iPhone’s UDID number)

In case original owner isn’t responding you can use the info you got and make a Formal iCloud Lock Removal Request to Apple! Apple will arrange a meeting between the original owner and you!

The original owner might

  • agree to turn off the iCloud Activation Lock
  • offer you a finder’s fee in order to return the found iPhone
  • refuse to remove the Find My iPhone Activation Lock (Negotiate)

But again, iCloud Unlocking is in hands of iPhone’s original owner and you have to accept this.

3. SIM Unlocking at last (How to unlock a found iPhone)

As long as:

  1. You made sure that the found iPhone is eligible for Network Unlock
  2. The iCloud Activation Lock is disabled

You can proceed with an Official IMEI Unlock Service (aka Factory Official Unlock) and finally unlock the found iPhone to ALL GSM Networks!

It is almost impossible to Carrier Unlock the found iPhone with the SIM Lock Deactivation Services of the Mobile Network that locked it, so Factory Official Unlock is your only iPhone Unlocking Option!

In order to use an Official IMEI Unlock Service, you will need:

  1. The found iPhone’s IMEI number
  2. The iPhone model
  3. The Mobile Network that locked or Blacklisted the found iPhone
  4. The found iPhone’s Blacklist Status (click here and see what is changing in iPhone SIM Unlocking for Blacklisted iDevices)

Then the IMEI Unlock Provider will look up your iPhone inside Apple’s GSX Servers and Carriers’ servers and change the SIM Lock Status from locked to UNLOCKED PERMANENTLY


Summarizing How to Unlock a Found iPhone

Following these 3 simple steps ensures 100% guaranteed iPhone Unlocking! Of course, through IMEI iPhone Checking you can decide if the iPhone you found worth the iPhone Unlocking effort (and the money accompanying it) or not!

Leave a comment below if you still don’t know what to do with the lost iPhone you found and I will help you ASAP! Take care!

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