How to Jailbreak & Unlock 8.4 iOS version


Unlock 8.4 iOS versionNow that the 8.4 iOS version is live and it is supported by many iPhone models, you should know how to Jailbreak and Unlock 8.4 iOS version, safely and quickly. Do not forget to make a full iPhone IMEI Check before trying to unlock it, else the results cannot be guaranteed (We recommend!

The 8.4 iOS version is supported by the following iPhone models:

  1. iPhone 4s
  2. iPhone 5
  3. iPhone 5s/5c
  4. iPhone 6/6+

Guides to Jailbreak and Unlock 8.4 iOS version

The jailbreaking procedure of 8.4 iOS version can be achieved with the TaiG tool, which you can download from its official website ( Make sure to download the latest version.

It is highly recommended to make a full backup of your iDevice through iTunes or iCloud.

Prepare your iPhone for an 8.4 iOS Jailbreak:

  1. Do a full backup of your iDevice
  2. Disable your iPhone’s Passcode (“Settings”, “Touch ID & Passcode”)
  3. Disable the Find My iPhone feature (“Settings”, “iCloud”, “Find My iPhone”)

Jailbreak 8.4 iOS version Tutorial

The tutorial is very simple, but make sure to follow every step. Again, I have to remind you NOT to skip the preparation steps for your iPhone, else the jailbreak will fail.

Jailbreak 8.4 iOS version with TaiG

  1. Connect your iPhone to your computer via USB.
  2. Run as an administrator the TaiG tool (taig.exe)
  3. Let Taig to detect your iPhone.
  4. It should show you the correct firmware of your iPhone (Proceed only if the information are correct)
  5. Deselect the 3K Assistant 2.3.0, which is TaiG’s App Store, but keep the Cydia 1.1.18.
  6. Click on the Start button and a circular progress bar should appear.
  7. Leave it for a few minutes and do not touch either your computer or your iPhone
  8. Once the jailbreak is complete, your iPhone should reboot by itself.
  9. After the reboot you should see the Cydia app icon to your Home Screen and TaiG tool will inform you that “Jailbreak Succeeded”.

You can now start using Cydia to download and install any application you want. Make sure that the application you want to use is compatible with the 8.4 iOS version.

Methods to Unlock 8.4 iOS version

Official IMEI Unlock 8.4 iOS versionMost of you might know the top 3 unlocking methods and I am sure that since the 8.4 iOS version can be jailbroken, you will think that it can be unlocked with a software method as well.

Let me explain you all the available unlocking methods and help you to Unlock 8.4 iOS version with the most reliable and safest method.

There are three available unlocking methods, but not all of them can unlock 8.4 iOS version:

  1. Software Method (Cannot Unlock 8.4 iOS version)
  2. Hardware Method (Cannot Unlock 8.4 iOS version)
  3. Official IMEI (Factory) Method (Can Unlock 8.4 iOS version)

If you want to Unlock your iPhone in order to use iOS 8.4 version (or any other future one), do a full IMEI Check and get an Unlock Suggestion to the cheapest and verified IMEI Unlock Provider.

The only requirements from your end is to know:

  1. the IMEI number (Find your IMEI Number) of your iPhone
  2. and the Mobile Network (Carrier) that blocks it (First you need to check whether your iPhone is Locked/Unlocked – UNLOCKSPECTOR.COM).

And Proceed with an Official iPhone Unlock:

Unlock your iOS 8.4 iPhone from iPhoneUnlock.Zone

Software and Hardware Methods cannot Unlock 8.4 iOS version

The software method relies on the Ultrasn0w application, which can be found in Cydia Store. It is logical to assume that since this iOS version is jailbreakable, Ultrasn0w can unlock 8.4 iOS version, but unfortunately this is not true. Ultrasn0w supports up to 6.1.6 iOS version and only up to iPhone 3Gs. There are no news from its developers for an update for the past few years, so it is pretty safe to say that there is not a software method that can unlock 8.4 iOS version.

Hardware methods on the other hand, never been a reliable. The failure rate is extremely high and even if an unlock happens, the quality of voice and the use of your iPhone is terrible. No hardware methods are out yet for the 8.4 iOS version, but even if something comes up, we highly recommend to avoid it.

Official IMEI Method can Unlock 8.4 iOS version

Official IMEI Unlock 8.4 iOS versionThe Official IMEI Method is the only one that can provide you guaranteed and permanent results.

  • It is Approved by Apple
  • It is Approved by all Mobile Networks
  • It supports all iPhone models
  • It supports all iOS version
  • It provides you a permanent unlock
  • It allows you to upgrade to any iOS version you want, without losing your unlock-status

There are the main reasons that people are keep on using the Official IMEI Method to Unlock 8.4 iOS version iPhones.

Prepare your iPhone for Official IMEI Method – Unlock 8.4 iOS version

There are a few things you should do before ordering an Official IMEI Unlock for your iPhone. This method is focusing on the Mobile Network of your iPhone and it is able to mark your iPhone as unlocked to Apple’s and Mobile Network’s databases. So, in order to help this method to Unlock 8.4 iOS version, you will have to know the following information:

  1. Your iPhone Model

  2. Your iPhone’s IMEI Number (Find your iPhone’s IMEI number)

  3. The Mobile network in which your iPhone is locked to (Do an iPhone IMEI SIM-Lock and Network Check)

  4. If your iPhone has been reported as Lost or Stolen (aka Blacklist Status Check)

How to Unlock 8.4 iOS version with Official IMEI Method

If you already know all the above information or if you find them through an iPhone IMEI Check Service, then you are ready to order your Official IMEI Unlock for your iPhone.

You can use the following IMEI Unlock Provider (Companies that use the Official IMEI Method to unlock any iPhone with any Mobile Network), which is already tested and verified by us (and thousands of iPhone users).

Go to iPhoneUnlock.Zone and Unlock 8.4 iOS version with Official IMEI Method

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    1. Zisis ( User Karma: 54996 ) says:

      Hey Rodger,

      Even if your iPhone has pending contract bills, it can still be unlocked!

      The Official IMEI Method is able to unlock your iPhone, but you will have to choose the Premium Service for your network (It is for Blacklisted iPhones).

      Check the following link which is from an iPhone Unlocking Service that supports Blacklisted iPhones as well:
      iPhone Unlocking Services – Blacklisted iPhones supported

    1. Zisis ( User Karma: 54996 ) says:

      Hey Kim,

      Hardware Unlocking Methods (Like R-Sim) support only specific iPhone models and specific iOS versions. If you upgrade your iPhone to the latest iOS version, not only you will lose the unlock, but you will also lose your Jailbreak. If you want to keep using the R-Sim, then do not upgrade your iPhone.

      The only way that allows you to use ANY iOS version you want and keep your iPhone unlocked, is the Official IMEI Method.

      If you are sure about the Network of your iPhone and its Blacklist Status (If it is reported as Lost or Stolen, or even if it has pending contract bills), then you can go ahead and order a Sprint USA Unlock from the following link.

      Link: Sprint USA iPhone Unlock – Make sure that you picked the right service. IF your iPhone is Blacklisted, you should choose the “Sprint USA Unlock BLACKLISTED” service.

      You can check if your iPhone is blacklisted or not from the following link: Full iPhone IMEI Check – Network and Blacklist Status

  1. rameez says:

    hey zisis
    i have i phone 6 plus… buy form Philippines and with globe network…
    i want to unlock my iphone 6 plus.
    can you tell me the trusted website and how much it will cost.

  2. rameez says:

    one more thing when i buy iphone the contract sim i have in the phone which 1 is globe .
    but after i lost that sim which atcive my iphone i reset with content.. now i will not be able to active my iphone6 plus.
    like i cant go to the menu only startup ..
    iphone asking the valid sim like globe but i dont have ….. soooo what should i do to only active my iphone to use music and camera etc …. plzz help me… zisis

    1. Zisis ( User Karma: 54996 ) says:

      Hello Rameez,

      This means that your iPhone is locked on Globe Philippines Network.

      In order to be able to open and use that iPhone without any issues, you will have to unlock it.

      Unfortunately, I do not know any iPhone Unlocking Companies that support Globe network, but when I discover one, I will immediately update you here, so you can unlock it!

  3. Dirty says:

    So, recently on New Years night I broke my phone which was a Nokia Lumia Windows phone through AT&T. Well my friend, who felt bad, gave me his old iPhone 4s, but it is through Sprint. I want to use the iPhone with AT&T, but I called Sprint and they told me the phone was not unlockable. I checked the IMEI, and it says the phone is clear of service and has not been blacklisted. I need it to be unlocked so that I can use it for my work to get hold of me, but I can’t afford to pay to have it done. What can I do?

    1. Zisis ( User Karma: 54996 ) says:


      Since this is an old iPhone model, there is a chance that after the unlock, it might not be able to operate with other GSM networks within USA.

      You can call Sprint USA and ask them if you unlock that iPhone, will it be able to operate with other USA networks?

      If you receive a positive reply, you can then Unlock your Sprint USA iPhone 4s.

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