How to get iCloud Contact Information & iCloud Unlock your iPhone

If you clicked on this article, then you probably belong to one of the following people’s categories:

  1. You bought a used iPhone and when you turned it ON you found out that it is iCloud Locked!
  2. You are thinking about buying a second-hand iPhone and you don’t want to get an iCloud Locked one

In either case, I will show you what iCloud Activation Lock really is, which is the only way to bypass it (and believe me the only way to do so is by learning How to get iCloud Contact Information) and finally what to do in order not to get in this situation ever again. Enjoy!

[Updated on October 10th, 2016]

Intro: iCloud Lock & How to get iCloud Contact Information

iCloud Lock and Find My iPhone were introduced to Apple community with iOS 7 (2013). Since the beginning, they were proved to be great security measurement when someone loses the iPhone or if the iPhone gets stolen because:

  1. An iPhone needs the original owner’s Apple ID and password in order to activate it
  2. The original owner can locate his/her iPhone by using the Find My iPhone feature

So why someone would risk stealing an iPhone if he/she is not able to use it or he/she even may get caught?

The answer is easy! Because the thief can always use an online store, like eBay, Amazon or Craigslist, or even a local store and pretend that he/she is the original owner and sell it through them. They can’t really determine if he/she is the original owner and this is how you ended up with an iCloud Locked iPhone. And of course, this is why you are stuck in iCloud Activation Screen

iCloud Activation Lock Screen and Original owner’s information

So, when you turn on an iCloud Locked iPhone the only thing you see is the iCloud Activation Screen:

How to get iCloud Contact Information-Activation Screen

  1. It will ask the original owner’s Apple ID and password
  2. It will tell you that the iPhone is LOST. STOLEN or ERASED
  3. It may have some message from the original owner with contact information (like an email or a phone number) in order to get in touch with him or her!
  • So what happen if the original owner didn’t leave a message with his/her contact info?
  • Why is it so important to know how to get iCloud Contact Information?

”Simply because ONLY the original owner can disable the iCloud Lock and Find my iPhone”

The online or local stores don’t know who the original owner is and Apple won’t share his/her personal contact data with them or you. But you really need to know How to get iCloud Contact Information!

Find out How to get iCloud Contact Information

If you do a quick search on the net you will read about services that can bypass the iCloud Lock Activation Screen. We tested them all and guess what: THEY ARE FAKE!

Even if one of them was working it would be illegal and we don’t want to have anything to do with illegal services.

If you want to know How to get iCloud Contact Information you must go to a proven and trustworthy IMEI Unlock Services provider like iPhoneUnlock.Zone. A legitimate Unlock provider that searches for your iPhone’s IMEI & UDID number inside Apple’s iCloud databases and finds the original owner contact information.

We have tasted their services countless times and they never let down any of us (Unlock.Ultrasnow.EU Team) or any of our visitors. This is why, when you visit sites like Sitejabber you can see the awesome 97% of positive customer reviews.

What do I need in order to get the original owner’s contact information?

Only two things:

  1. Your iPhone’s IMEI number (You only have to press the ”i” Button on the iCloud Activation Lock Screen’s top right corner)
  2. Your iPhone’s UDID number (Find the UDID number)
How to get iCloud Contact Information-Original owner Contact Info
This the report an iCloud Contact Info Service will get you!

These two and your email are enough. You will be informed about the cost and time needed of the iCloud Contact Information Service. Then you can proceed and request to get original owner’s contact information!

What can I do with the iCloud Contact Information?

Three things actually:

  1. Get in touch with the original owner, explain what happened with his/her iPhone and ask him/her to unlock it
  2. Contact Apple with a Formal iCloud Removal Request. They will remove it or arrange a meeting with the original owner
  3. If you have just found the iPhone you can contact the original owner, return it to him/her and get a ”finder’s fee”

Is there anything else I need to be aware of?

You wanted to know how to get the iCloud Contact information and I showed you the safest way to do it. But here is the thing:

”When you want to unlock an iPhone successfully you really need to do an IMEI Check first”

An IMEI Check service is the only way to be sure about the successful unlocking of your iPhone. In fact, if you have done an IMEI Check BEFORE you bought the iPhone you would know all the hidden issues that it might have.

One of the best IMEI Check Service Provider we know is UnlockSpector!How to get iCloud Contact Information-IMEI check service

They need only your iPhone’s IMEI number and they will inform you about the Network, Blacklist and iCloud Lock status or any other hidden issue of your iPhone. On top of that, they will guide you How to get iCloud Contact Information or how to fully unlock your iPhone!

Summing Up with How to get iCloud Contact Information

An iCloud Locked iPhone means that you need to find the original owner and ask him/her to remove the iCloud Activation Lock. The best way to successfully unlock your iPhone is to

#1. Check your iPhone’s IMEI number (maybe there is also something else going on) and

#2. Obtain the iCloud Contact information and get in touch with the original owner!

Did you manage to unlock your iCloud Locked iPhone? Do you have any other questions about iPhone unlocking? Go ahead and leave a comment below! We will answer you ASAP!

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