How to Check iPhone iCloud Activation Lock Status

Unlock iCloud Activation LockBefore buying an iPhone, it is very important to Check if iPhone iCloud Activation Lock Status is enabled, because you will have problems!

If you ever stucked to the iCloud Activation Lock screen of your iPhone, then you can really understand what I mean.

Fortunately, you came to the right place for a solution, because not only I will saw you how to Check iPhone iCloud Activation Lock Status, but I will also show you how to Unlock iCloud Activation Lock from your iPhone’s Screen.

The iCloud Activation Lock screen is a security measure that was ιmplemented by Apple to prevent people to use your iPhone (In case you lost it or they stolen it from you). This tutorial is not meant to help people removing the iCloud lock from iPhones they stole, but it is meant to help people that got scammed or forgot their Apple ID. I will explain below in detail of how someone can get scammed from an online purchase.

After every new iPhone release from Apple, a lot of people want to sale their old iPhones, so they can buy the latest iPhone model. So, this period many people sell their iPhone 5/5s/5c/6/6+, so they can buy the brand new iPhone 6s! This means that Amazon, eBay and Craigslist, will be full from iPhones, in lower prices. I do not want to say anything bad for those websites, those are being used by people that want to sell “damaged” goods! And I am not talking about their physical appearance, but for their SIM-Lock, Blacklist and iCloud status (

How to Check iPhone iCloud Activation Lock Status?

icloud iphone unlock

The most important thing, is to figure out if your iPhone’s iCloud has a CLEAN or LOST/STOLEN status. Check your iPhone’s screen first, maybe the owner put a message to the Homescreen.

If no info can be found there, you will have to order an iCloud and Blacklist Status Check from a service that has access to Apple’s GSX servers (I can suggest or other IMEI Check service).

After that check, you will be 100% sure of the iCloud status of your iPhone and you can proceed with an iCloud Contact Information service.

Is iCloud Contact Information Service legal and safe?

Answer: Sure! Not only it is legal and safe but it will actually work. I have use this service not only once, and the results were successful. I can say the same about our visitors that used it. They stay 100% satisfied (We have a very large number of BEFORE and AFTER screenshots). This service will provide you all available contact information of the original owner, so you can ask him/her to remove the iCloud Lock from your device.

Can I Unlock Lost or Stolen iPhones from iCloud Screen?

Answer: Yes, you can! But you will need the help of the original owner. This is the service that I used, in order to unlock the iCloud from an iPhone 5s I bought online (Yes, I didn’t check it before ordering it!). You must first determine if your iPhone’s iCloud status is CLEAN or BLACKLISTED, but I will explain the whole procedure below!

Can I check iCloud Activation Lock Status and then Unlock it for FREE?

Answer: The answer here is NO. Both of them are paid service and only a few online companies support it. There are no magic tools that can remove iCloud Activation lock!

Get the iCloud Contact Information service for CLEAN/LOST/STOLEN iCloud iPhones

The whole procedure can take from 2 to 10 days. Of course, it supports iPhone 2G, 3G, 3Gs, 4, 4s, 5, 5c, 5s, 6, 6+, 6s, 6s+ & SE models, including all iPads.

Ordering iCloud Contact Information service:

  • Click on the link below

  • Type your IMEI number

  • Type your UDID number

  • See the unlocking time and the price

  • Proceed with the Order

After a few days, they will contact you to inform you about your order’s results.

Find Original’s owner Contact information via iPhoneUnlock.Zone

Official IMEI 7.1.2 iOS UnlockOur Tests and Research, showed us that the iPhoneUnlock.Zone can provide iCloud Contact Information service for any iPhone with any iOS version:

  • iCloud Contact Info service is Processed Officially by Apple and this unlock can be applied to all iPhones regardless of bootloader, baseband and iOS firmware version up to the latest iOS and beyond (if you don’t know what this means, don’t worry – it simply means they can provide iCloud Contact Info for any handset).
  • 48 hour delivery (unless otherwise stated) over every product.
  • Working with All iOS 4, iOS 5, iOS 6, iOS 7 , iOS 8 and always upgrade to the latest iOS (And keep your unlocking status).
  • Every single feature works perfectly 100%, Fix Push Notifications, Facetime and iMessage.
  • Once you unlock your iPhone you will get a notification on your device. All you have to do is connect your iPhone to iTunes to complete the unlock.
  • No complicated additional software to install
  • You won’t lose your Jailbreak.
  • Upgrade and Sync iPhones using iTunes without fear of ever being locked again.
  • You Will NOT void Apple’s warranty.

Official iPhone IMEI Unlock 7.1.2 iOS versionVisit iPhoneUnlock.Zone and order the iCloud Contact Information Service.

Make sure to have your IMEI Number, Network and Blacklist Status of the iPhone you want to unlock (So you can pick the right iCloud service –!

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  1. Vojtěch says:

    Can you unlock blacklisted iPhone 6 lock to us t-mobile ? Different website didn’t have success. Do you think that you will be successful ?

  2. Ali says:

    I have stucked at icloud activation screen with my iPhone 4 I bought it in 2nd hand when updated icloud activation screen appears &I don’t know actual and ID & password used to lock it by last user..
    How can you help me out to remove the icloud activation lock from my device and get it functional. IMEI no. I have

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