How to check if iPhone is Unlocked in 3 Simple Steps

You have an iPhone, and you are not too sure whether the iPhone is locked or unlocked. Sometimes, iPhone users buy used iPhones online, and when they receive the iPhone, it works with most SIM cards which means that it is unlocked. However, when such an iPhone user travels, they realize that they cannot use their iPhone with their SIM cards in the new country. You do want to know if you have a similar problem, and here are three ways on how to check if iPhone is unlocked.

How to Check if iPhone is Unlocked

how to check if iPhone is unlockedWhen you buy an iPhone from a mobile network provider, the iPhone has a SIM lock. The carrier locks the iPhone to their network, to make sure that you make all the payments for the iPhone, usually for two years. However, when you buy a pre-owned iPhone online, the seller will not tell you all this information. You might end up with the iPhone and realize later on that it has a network lock.

The reason could be that the seller unlocked the iPhone, but they used a temporary unlock method. Often, the lock can reset itself when you get an iOS upgrade. Also, some carriers place a regional lock on their SIM cards. It means that you can only use these SIM cards within the country you got them, and they may not work when you travel abroad.

These are some of the cases you might face which may make you wonder if your iPhone is indeed unlocked. It helps to understand more about different SIM lock states to unlock a carrier locked iPhone.  These three ways to check if iPhone is unlocked can help you know your iPhone’s status for sure.

#3  Check if iPhone is Unlocked using SIM Cards

Use this method if you have access to several SIM cards from different carriers.  Also, it helps if you can get SIMs from another country.

Remove your current SIM and pop in a new one to check if your iPhone is unlocked. Try two or more SIMs before making the verdict whether the iPhone has a SIM lock or not. If unlocked, it should work with multiple SIMs and if it does not activate on any SIM then has a network lock.

#2 Check if iPhone is Unlocked through the Settings

how to check if iPhone is unlocked through settingsWhile not the most reliable method, you can go to your iPhone Settings to figure out its lock status. You want to check if you can see an option for “Cellular Data” or “Mobile Data Network.”

If you see either of these options, then your iPhone does not have a SIM lock. However, if none of these options appear under your iPhone settings, then it does have a network lock.

#1  How to Check if iPhone is Unlocked with an iPhone IMEI Check

The first method assumes that you already have the iPhone. Aslo, that you have been using it for a while or just started setting it up. Also, it assumes that you have access to SIM cards. If not, then you can use the surest way which is an iPhone IMEI check.

With the services of a reputable IMEI checker such as UnlockSpector, you can easily find out your iPhone’s SIM lock status. The service also helps you uncover other hidden issues with your iPhone including its contract status and blacklist state. The valuable information tells you if the iPhone has a potential of being blacklisted and its carrier unlock eligibility. It is also wise to learn about the two other Lock situations iPhones have, the iCloud Activation Lock status and the Blacklist status.

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