How Much to Unlock iPhone – the Cost of Unlocking iPhones

how much to unlock iPhoneIt would help if you could unlock your iPhone for free. Unfortunately, there isn’t an unlock provider that offers 100% free unlocking services. That’s why you want an answer to that all so common question – how much to unlock iPhone?

The first to understand is that the only way to permanently unlock an iPhone is through the Apple GSX server. To get access to this server, you can place an unlock request through your network carrier, and when they approve it, Apple then uses your IMEI information to unlock your iPhone. However, third-party unlock providers can also access Apple’s servers on your behalf, but they will charge you for it.

To sum it up, you have to pay a fee to get your iPhone unlocked. The question still stands – how much to unlock iPhone?

I highly recommend that you start by getting an iPhone status check. It will reveal all the hidden issues about your iPhone including its blacklist, iCloud lock, contract, and warranty status, which will determine the price for Unlocking your iPhone.

When and Why do you Need to Unlock your iPhone

Price for unlocking an iPhoneYou probably have an iPhone locked to a network, or you can only use a SIM card from one particular carrier in it. You must have bought it from a mobile service provider, and they can legally lock your iPhone for a period. Usually, the cell service providers lock the iDevices they sell for two years. The SIM/network lock on your iPhone prevents you from using other SIMs from the carrier’s competitors.

Perhaps you have realized that your iPhone does not get decent cell signal with your current carrier. Maybe you have to frequently travel for work and find out that the carrier roaming charges are extremely high. It could also be that you want to take advantage of attractive data and talk packages offered by the network carrier’s competitors.

Maybe a new iPhone model comes out, like the recently released iPhone 8 or upcoming iPhone X. You want to sell your current iPhone to get the new one. You may want to get the newer iPhone, but you still have one year left to complete the contract with your carrier for your current iPhone.

To get your iPhone unlocked, you have to pay for the services. There are four methods you can use to unlock your iPhone, and each comes at a cost.

How Much to Unlock iPhone using Unlock Software

how much to unlock your iPhone with Software methodIf you have owned every iPhone ever released, you must have come across the original iPhone unlock software. Owners of the 3G and 3GS were able to unlock iPhones using the jailbreaking software. The software

Apple put an end to the reign of the software unlock process by upgrading their iOS with the release of iPhone 4. While some iPhone 4 users could still unlock their iPhones using this method, Apple made it impossible to use the unlock process with subsequent iPhones.

You should not pay a website that claims to use jailbreaking methods to unlock any iPhone released after the iPhone 4. They charge upwards of 100 dollars, with no returns policy, and the iPhone software unlock process never works.

How Much to Unlock iPhone using Hardware Unlocking Methods

how much to unlock iPhone with Hardware methodAfter Apple upgraded the iOS and made it next to impossible to unlock iDevices, iPhone unlocking hardware came up. Different approaches were used to unlock an iPhone via the hardware method.

One made use of a special SIM card inserted into your card holder with alongside a SIM card from a different carrier (not the one you have been using). Another method involves physically opening up the iPhone and playing around with the hardware so that it could accommodate SIMs from other carriers.The unlock processes lead to the highest rate of iPhone damage.

Some iPhone users got the two SIMs stuck in the SIM tray, and for the successful ones, it came with several issues. The problems included overheating, quick battery drain, weak signals, and challenges dialing carrier codes. You will end up paying anywhere between $20 to $100+ for the hardware unlock methods. It sounds like gambling with your iPhone hardware and the process voids your Apple warranty.

How Much to Unlock iPhone through the Carrier

how much to unlock iPhone through Mobile NetworkA safe, reliable, and usually free way to unlock your iPhone is with your carrier’s help. To get the service for free, you must be the original iPhone owner and the phone should be paid up.

Find out your iPhone’s carrier unlock eligibility with a full iPhone status check.

If you choose to unlock an iPhone that is still under contract, most cell service providers will charge an Early Termination Fee (ETF). It costs anywhere from $20 to $50 depending on the carrier, and most would still require that you pay the contract up additionally. It can go to hundreds of dollars depending on when you choose to unlock your iPhone.

The problem with approaching your carrier to unlock your iPhone is that they might refuse to unlock it before the contract expires. It comes down to their policies, and you should read them carefully from their website. Also, the only other way for your carrier to unlock your iPhone would be after your contract with them expires.

How Much to Unlock iPhone using the IMEI Unlock Method

how much to unlock iPhone with Official IMEI methodMost iPhone users end up turning to third-party providers using the IMEI unlock method. It is essentially the method used by carriers which involves changing an iPhone’s lock state through the Apple GSX server.

The process takes place virtually, and the only thing needed to initiate it is your iPhone’s IMEI number. That means that there is no risk to damage your iPhone in any way or void its warranty. Also, Apple and all carriers approve the method, and it unlocks your iPhone permanently.

As explained, it is the IMEI way to unlock all iPhones, and it is the process carriers use. The only difference when going through an unlock provider is that they will charge you for the service. The cost depends on the particular carrier, but often it is anywhere between $20 to $50.

I highly recommend the services of iPhoneUnlock.Zone to explore the different ways that you can get your iPhone unlocked. Alternatively, get the How to Solve iPhone Carrier Lock Issues Ebook for an in-depth guide on how to unlock iPhones in different network lock states.

Also, please read about the iCloud Activation Lock and the Blacklist status an iPhone can have, cause they are equally important as the Network Lock of an iPhone!

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