The easiest way to Unlock your iPhone

UPDATED ON: 22nd December 2016

Can I just replace the SIM Card of my iPhone?

If you purchase your iPhone with a contract to a specific Mobile Network provider, then you cannot just change your SIM card with a different one, because your iPhone will be locked to this carrier FOREVER!

What is Unlock?

IMEI Factory UnlockUnlocking is the procedure that will “free” your device from a specific Mobile Network provider and allow it to use ANY SIM card you want. Check what unlocking methods exist below: 

Unlocking Methods

What is Jailbreak?

Jailbreak is the procedure which allows you to use third party applications OUTSIDE from AppStore. Non Jailbroken devices, can only use verified applications from Apple, which can only be found in AppStore. Jailbreak has nothing to do with Unlocking. Jailbreak will not unlock your device.

Why Should I Unlock my iPhone?

Unlock general informationThere are several reasons to unlock your iPhone, but the most important ones are:

  1. Avoid insanely expensive roaming services of your provider while you are travelling abroad, and use local SIM cards for minimum expenses

  2. Take advantage of special offers and services that Mobile Network providers are offering from time to time. You can use ANY carrier at ANY time you want.

  3. It is your RIGHT to choose ANY carrier you want ANY time you need it, it is a matter of freedom!

Why should I choose your recommendations?

We are on the iPhone Unlock community for almost 9 years and we have tested all major iPhone Unlock providers. Our Network Unlock Comparison pages, are always up to date and they only include iPhone Unlock providers that can actually remove the Network lock from your device. Check our iPhone Network Unlock comparison list.

What do I need for unlocking my iPhone?

You do not need any complicated procedures to retrieve the information that is required in order to IMEI Factory unlock your iPhone:

  1. Check for iPhone hidden issues with an IMEI Check ServiceYour iPhone model
  2. Your iPhone’s IMEI number
  3. The Network that locked your device
  4. The Blacklist status of your device
  5. The Find My iPhone/iCloud Status of your device
  6. IMEI/Serial Replacement status


If you already know the IMEI number of your device, you can simply order an iPhone IMEI Check report, which will provide you all necessary information about your device (All the above), to proceed with an IMEI Factory Unlock.

What iPhone models are supported?

The Official IMEI method supports all iPhone models and almost all Mobile Networks worldwide. Before proceeding with an Official IMEI Unlock order, you need to know your iPhone model, the Lock Network and the blacklist status of your device. These information are necessary, in order to pick the correct Network unlock service for your device.

Other Questions

If you want to learn more about the Unlocking Services and Methods, click on the link below to visit our FAQ section.

  1. FAQ Page

And now start your Unlock process!

To sum up everything, you need the following information in order to proceed purchasing the right unlocking service of your device:

  1. A full GSX IMEI Check report (Unless you know the iPhone model, Network lock, Blacklist status, iCloud status, Warranty status, Contract status and Financial status of your device)

  2. The IMEI number of your device

  3. Your iPhone model

  4. Network Lock of your iPhone

  5. Blacklist Status of your iPhone

  6. A tested and verified iPhone Unlock Provider (Check out our Network Unlock Comparison list)


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