Found iPhone 6! How can I Unlock an iPhone I found?

One of our visitors (in fact, many of them every single day) ask us about how to unlock a found iPhone 6 (or any other iPhone model). But let’s use a found iPhone 6 as an example and see:

  1. How can we check an iPhone’s Lock status and for hidden issues and
  2. How to unlock an iPhone legally and successfully

Without any further delay here is a complete step-by-step guide of how to check and unlock a found iPhone 6 or any found iPhone. Enjoy!

What can I do with a found iPhone 6?

Many of our visitors have found iPhones in the strangest places and I could even make a large funny article with these places. But this is not Unlock.Ultrasnow.EU Team’s purpose. We are here to help you with any problem about iPhone Unlocking or iPhone Fixing. So what can you really do with a found iPhone 6?

The first thing is to turn it on (and I’m sure you already did) and these are the possible outcomes:

  1. The found iPhone 6 is iCloud Locked
  2. The found iPhone 6 is Network Locked
  3. The found iPhone is Blacklisted
  4. The found iPhone 6 has a combination of the above issues, all of them or none (the latter is extremely rare)

Let’s take these cases one by one, see how can you be sure about them and finally how you can unlock a found iPhone 6 or any iPhone in either case!

Issues with a found iPhone 6

The found iPhone 6 is Network Locked:

All iPhones are most of the times locked to a single Mobile Network and that means that the owner can use only SIM cards of the specific Carrier to a specific Country. This happens because the Mobile Network wants to ensure that someone won’t be able to look for a better contract after he/she had signed a contract with it. If the found iPhone works with your SIM card, then you may share the same Carrier with the original owner but this doesn’t mean that the iPhone is SIM Unlocked. A Network Unlocked iPhone can use any SIM card, any Carrier, in any country.

The found iPhone 6 is iCloud Locked:

If the only thing you see when you turn on the iPhone is the iCloud Activation Lock Screen, then the iPhone is iCloud Locked. This is why iCloud Lock exists after all.

  • It will ask for original owner’s Apple ID and password
  • It will say that the iPhone is LOST, STOLEN or ERASED
  • It may have a message from the original owner (email or phone number) in order to get in touch with him/her

The found iPhone 6 is Blacklisted:

If the original owner also reported the iPhone as lost or stolen to his/her mobile network or there are pending contract bills or the iPhone was involved in illegal activities, then the iPhone is Blacklisted and there are cases you can’t use it inside the country that it was blacklisted or to any country if it is worldwide blacklisted. The exact opposite is a CLEAN iPhone but it may be locked for other reasons.

How can I know ALL the info of a found iPhone 6?Found iPhone 6-IMEI Check Service

The only way to 100% about an iPhone’s:

  • SIM Lock Status
  • Which Carrier locks the iPhone
  • Contract Status
  • Outstanding Financial Status
  • iCloud Activation lock Status
  • Blacklisted or CLEAN Status
  • Find My iPhone Enabled status
  • Apple’s Warranty Status
  • All the iPhone’s technical info (color, serial number, GSM or not, storage etc.)

Is an iPhone IMEI Check Service. It only needs an iPhone IMEI number (just dial *#06# with the phone app) to get you a full report.

The best IMEI Check Service provider we strongly suggest is UnlockSpector. They will not only get you a Full IMEI Check report in the price of a simple one but they will also advise you how to successfully unlock your iPhone.

=>Check your found iPhone 6<=

How can I unlock a found iPhone 6?

Until three years ago:

  • There was a software method which was difficult to use but you could unlock your iPhone Free and successfully (it was working until iOS 6.1.6)
  • There was a dangerous Hardware Method (the last time it worked was for iPhone 4s), with iOS, Baseband and iPhone model restrictions. You had to use a custom SIM card along with your original one inside the SIM Tray. Most of the times (over 70%), this method was unsuccessful and caused damages to the iPhoneFound iPhone 6-iPhoneUnlockZone

Since the beginning, right now and in the future to come, only one method can unlock ANY iPhone, ANY iOS, Any Baseband and ANY Carrier: The Official IMEI Unlock Method also known as Factory Unlock Method. The only one approved by Apple and all Carriers to use their databases and change an iPhone’s lock status from locked to UNLOCKED.

You need only:

  1. The IMEI number
  2. The Carrier that locks the iPhone
  3. The blacklist status
  4. The iPhone model

So now that you have checked your found iPhone 6 you know all these and you can proceed with unlocking it.

We searched the best provider of Official IMEI Unlock Services and we found iPhoneUnlock.Zone! They are so good that will get you a full refund if they don’t manage to unlock your iPhone! Check out these satisfied customer reviews on Sitejabber!

How can I unlock a SIM locked iPhone 6 that I found?

The only thing you need is an Official IMEI Unlock Service!

How can I unlock an iCloud Locked iPhone 6 that I found?

Only the original owner can disable the iCloud Activation Lock. So you will need to get the original owner’s contact info service, get in touch and ask him/her to unlock your found iPhone 6. You may even be awarded a finder’s fee if you return the lost iPhone to him/her.

How can I unlock a Blacklisted iPhone 6 that I found?

In this case, you will need a Premium IMEI Unlock Service to get the job done!

If the iPhone is blacklisted by T-Mobile USA, Verizon USA or Sprint USA you can even get it unblacklisted with this UNBAR/UNBLACKLIST Service

Summing up with Found iPhone 6 Check and Unlock

No matter what iPhone you found, you only have to:

=>Check the found iPhone for hidden issues

and when you are sure about all the necessary info

=>Unlock the found iPhone with a Factory Official Unlock Service

Don’t forget to tell us how it went with unlocking your iPhone. Don’t hesitate to ask us any other question about iPhone Unlocking. We are always here to HELP you unlock your iPhone legally, safe and successfully! So go ahead and leave a comment below!found iPhone 6-satisfaction

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