What to do in case you forgot the email of Apple ID

Our visitors send us a dozen of question every single day! A few days ago, one of you send me this:

I just forget the email of my Apple ID and I only know the password. So, how can unlock my iPhone? pls, help!

In fact, we get this question quite often (plus similar ones from visitors who forgot the Apple ID password or the security questions) but here is the thing: Usually this is not the actual problem.

For a strange reason, many of you are afraid to tell us that you bought an iCloud Locked iPhone and you simply want to disable iCloud Activation Lock. So, to get everything covered, I will so you how to recover your iCloud Account if you forgot the email of your Apple ID and moreover, how to turn Find My iPhone Activation Lock off!

What Apple suggests when you forget your Apple ID

If you visit Apple’s page there is a detailed guide for all of you who forgot the email of Apple ID. But let me make it more simple for you!

First of all, your Apple ID is usually your email address! Of course, nowadays we have multiple email accounts, so maybe your Apple ID is an older email address that you don’t use anymore.

Check out iTunes! If you bought something then you can see which Apple ID was used!

  1. Open iTunes.
  2. Find your purchases in your Library and choose one of them.
  3. Tap Edit > Get Info.
  4. Tap the File tab.
  5. If you go to “purchased by”, you will be able to see the Apple ID that was used for your purchase!

If you never bought something from iTunes Store, then here is what you can do!

  1. Go to Apple ID account page and click on the forgot Apple ID or Password button!
    – If you don’t know the email of Apple ID, click on “Forgot your Apple ID?” and fill in your full name and email address to recover the Apple ID login. Try all your previous email addresses if nothing happens. Usually one of them will get the job done and now you can also reset your Apple ID password if you don’t also remember it.
  2. Answer your Apple ID security questions in order to complete to complete the process

How can I iCloud Unlock my iPhone without Apple ID Password and security questions

If you also forgot your Apple ID security questions, then this is a major issue. You must contact Apple Support immediately! Just choose the region you live in and the appropriate phone number will appear.

If Apple refuse to unlock your Apple ID then you have another option!

iCloud Unlocking without Apple ID

There are many iCloud Lock Removal tools online but unfortunately, almost none of them works. After extensive research, the only successful iCloud Hack is the iCloud Account Unlock Online.

But even this great iCloud Unlock Software doesn’t work all the times. If it fails:

  • If you are not the original owner and you want to activate an iCloud Locked iPhone you can also use iCloud ID Finder and locate the iPhone’s previous owner.
    If you forgot the email of your Apple ID, use an iCloud Contact Information Service
  • If you are the iPhone’s original owner, you can also recover the email of your Apple ID with iCloud ID Finder

Ask us a question or get your 24/7 iPhone expert – assistant (and so much more) by subscribing to Unflaw. Until next time, take care iPhone Unlockers!

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