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 check IMEI iPhone - lock status checkiPhones have been around now for a little over ten years (as of 2017). No one needs an introduction to these smartphones. If anything, everyone wants the bragging rights of owning one of these pieces of tech gold! You probably don’t need a hard sell because you have one already. However, if you are considering buying one online or not sure how to go about it – check IMEI iPhone

Everyone knows that iPhones are expensive. However, there are countless of people who own iPhones, and some have even owned every single iPhone model ever released. How does anyone manage to own every iPhone released? It is all thanks to network-bought iPhones.

You get to own an iPhone, so what is the problem? The problem lies in having a network-locked iPhone that limits using the iPhone as you please. Still unsure if your iPhone is locked or unlockedcheck IMEI iPhone.

Network-Bought iPhones

check IMEI iPhone - network-locked iPhoneMobile service providers offer iPhones at considerably lower prices. There is always a catch with such deals. Tthe catch is that most of these iPhones come with a two-year network contract. To keep the contract in effect, the network provider implements a SIM-lock.

The carrier/SIM lock sees to it that the iPhone owner can only use their phone with a SIM card issued by the particular service provider. Also, the iPhone owner has to make monthly payments to cover the phone’s costs and service.

If the iPhone owner for any reason does not keep up with contract payments, the service provider can blacklist the iPhone. Perhaps an iPhone owner loses their phone; they can have their network provider blacklist it. Additionally, they may also activate Lost Mode and erase the iPhone. These anti-theft features place the iPhone in an iCloud Activation Lock state.

Most online pre-owned iPhone buyers make the mistake of not performing a status check before buying an iPhone. You may already be a victim of one of these iPhone lock states, but it helps to start with understanding why your iPhone is locked. 

The iPhone Lock Statuses

You probably now know that different types of iPhone lock states exist. For the iPhone newbies, a lock state just refers to the specific way an iPhone is locked. Each iPhone lock situation determines the best approach to unlock the iPhone. Here are the common iPhone lock states:

SIM/ Carrier Locked iPhone – Check IMEI iPhone

check IMEI iPhone - SIM ocked iPhoneAs explained, most iPhone owners buy their phones through network providers. You may have also gotten your iPhone this way. These iPhones feature SIM/Carrier locks. The easiest way to get such an iPhone unlocked is by keeping the network contract terms.

In most cases, it means waiting anywhere between 18 months to two years to get your iPhone network unlocked. Most iPhone owners get to a point when they want to trade up to the next iPhone model. It means selling the iPhone, and most sellers turn to online marketplaces in search of a buyer.

The original iPhone owner of a network locked iPhone may or may not tell the buyer that the phone is still under a network contract. This is information that the online iPhone buyer can get if they ask the seller for the iPhone’s IMEI. Then using the services on an online check IMEI iPhone service such as UnlockSpector can reveal the iPhone’s network lock state.

More than likely, you found yourself in a situation like several other pre-owned iPhone owners who did not carry out an iPhone status check. It isn’t all lost, and keep reading on to find out how you can unlock a network locked iPhone.

Blacklisted iPhone

An iPhone can get on the blacklist due to different situations. Likewise, it is important to understand how an iPhone gets blacklisted to know how to approach the network unlock process.

           Contract defaults

The original iPhone owner who buys a network-locked iPhone must make contract payments on it.  If for any reason they stop making the payments, the network service provider can choose to blacklist the iPhone.  

           Stolen/Lost iPhones

iPhone owners who get their iPhone stolen or lost make a report to the network carrier. The network carrier then blacklists the iPhone.

          Insurance Claims  

Insurance claim on a lost iPhone. Takes a while to get implemented. Therefore, the iPhone may work for a while before it all of a sudden won’t work with any SIM card.

         Links To Illegal Activity

check IMEI iPhone - iCloud locked iPhoneFor any reason, if an iPhone gets seized in connection with illegal activities it can get blacklisted too.

As the new iPhone owner, you are left with an iPhone that you cannot use or may use with restrictions. Again, understanding specifically how the iPhone got blacklisted determines whether or not it can get unblacklisted.

iCloud Lock

A blacklisted iPhone often always is also iCloud locked. If the blacklist was initiated due to a stolen/lost report, the iPhone owner usually has already put the iPhone on Lost Mode or even erased it.

The iCloud Activation Lock prevents anyone without the original owner’s Apple details from bypassing it and using the iPhone.

Dealing with a network locked iPhone that you want to unlock? Get our guide on how to solve iPhone network lock issues.

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