Unlock Fido Carrier for iPhone 3Gs/4/4s/5/5c/5s/6/6+/6s/6s+/SE

Official IMEI iPhone Fido Canada UnlockUPDATED ON: 5th October 2016

There is not only one method to unlock Fido Carrier and iPhones generally. Most people when they want to unlock their iPhones are not focusing to its carrier, but to its iOS and baseband version.

For Unlocking Fido Canada Carrier follow the steps below:

  • Visit iPhoneUnlock.Zone
  • Choose your iPhone model
  • Type your IMEI number
  • Choose the Network you want to Unlock

If you are interested into more specific topics, please check the links below:

This is where Official IMEI Method comes in, and changes everything in the unlocking world. Now, the iOS, Baseband and iPhone model are not important for the unlock, only the Carrier of your iPhone!

Unlock Fido Carrier for all iPhones!

From iPhone 4 model and above, the software and hardware methods cannot support their iOS and baseband versions, this is why they are non-unlockable.

For iPhone models newer than iPhone 4, only the Official IMEI unlock method can be applied.

How IMEI method can unlock Fido Carrier ?

Unlock Fido carrier
Fido Canada Network iPhone Unlock

The IMEI factory unlock does not have the same approach as the software and hardware methods have.

Those methods are focusing on specific iPhone models and baseband version, this is why they can only unlock very limited devices! Also software/hardware unlocked devices should not be updated with the latest iOS versions because they will lose their jailbreaking and unlocking state.

The IMEI factory method does not take into consideration the iPhone model and the baseband version, it is focusing on the carrier that your iPhone is locked to. This method will whitelist your iPhone’s IMEI number from Apple’s database and mark it as unlocked. Having an IMEI factory unlocked iPhone has one major benefit, you can update your iOS/baseband version to future ones without having the fear to lock your iPhone anymore. The IMEI Factory method is a PERMANENT unlock for your iPhone!

Can I safely unlock Fido Carrier with the IMEI method?

The IMEI Factory unlock is a method that is approved by Apple and this is why it is 100% safe, legal and successful!

If you want to unlock Fido Carrier follow the steps below:

  • Click at the following link (Official IMEI Unlock for Fido Carrier)
  • Type your IMEI number (Make sure to double ckeck it!)
  • Choose your iPhone model
  • Select the Fido Canada Carrier (The one you want to unlock, not the one you will use after the unlock!).

Visit iPhoneUnlock.Zone and Order your iPhone Unlock in just a few minutes.


Make sure to have your IMEI Number, Network and Blacklist Status of the iPhone you want to unlock! (We recommend UnlockSpector.com)

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      No, I’m 100% positive that you will be able to unlock you Fido SE iPhone with an Official IMEI Unlock Service from iPhoneUnlock.Zone!
      Keep in mind that I’m talking about 100% guaranteed iPhone Unlocking or All your money back!
      Take care & come back to tell me how it went!

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