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UPDATED ON: 23rd January 2017

9 iOS version is available for a free public download in its beta version or if you are a registered developer through the iOS developer program 9.3.5 iOS version is the latest release from Apple (For iOS 9.X versions), which can be freely installed to your iDevice and enjoy all the latest features. You only have to visit Apple’s Official website and navigate to their iOS download center. From there, if you are eligible, you will be able to download and install iOS 9.3.5 version to your iDevice.

Everything below can be applied to any iOS 9.X.X device!

Many iDevices support iOS 9.3.5 version, but let me give you the complete list:

  • Unlock iOS 9.3.2 version
    Unlock iOS 9.3.2 version
    iPhone 4s
  • iPhone 5/5s/5c
  • iPhone 6/6+
  • iPhone 6s/6s+
  • iPhone SE
  • iPad mini (2 & 3 too)
  • iPad Air (2 as well)
  • iPad 2, 3 and 4
  • iPhone Touch 5G

Basically, all iDevices that supported iOS 8 version, will also support iOS 9.3.5 version as well.

How to Jailbreak and Unlock iOS 9?

The main question from all iUsers, is if they will be able to Jailbreak and Unlock iOS 9 version.

For the time being, the iOS 9.3.2 version cannot be jailbroken, but PanGu tool is able to jailbreak up to 9.1 iOS version! Unfortunately, PanGu tool has nothing to do with unlocking an iOS 9 device, but fortunately, Official IMEI Method is able to unlock any iPhone with iOS 9 version (and iOS 9.3.5)!

Jailbreak iOS 9 versionNot many days ago, TaiG team managed to provide a jailbreaking solution for 8.4 iOS version. As you already know, Apple is not the biggest fun of the Jailbreaks, so it is very likely that they managed to patch all the exploits TaiG was using to jailbreak 8.4 iOS version. Everyone expects that the iOS 9 version will have extra security against those bugs, and a new method will be needed in order to jailbreak it. Despite the extra security measures Apple took/implemented, PanGu team managed to release their latest tool, which can jailbreak all devices that use iOS 9-9.1 versions.

The Unlocking part is easier to analyse and speculate, because there is a method that does not require specific iOS version or iPhone model to work, which is called the Official IMEI Method.

Available Methods to Unlock iOS 9 version (and 9.3.5)

In general, there are three available iPhone unlocking methods, but only one is able to Unlock iOS 9 version for sure.

  1. Software Method (Will not Unlock iOS 9 version)
  2. Hardware Method (Will not Unlock iOS 9 version)
  3. Official IMEI Method (Can Unlock iOS 9-9.3.5 versions)

It is very important to know why some of the above methods cannot unlock iOS 9 version and why Official IMEI Method can. I will explain more below, because knowing how each method works, will help you to avoid using methods that can cost you time and money without giving you the desired unlocking results.

Software and Hardware Methods cannot Unlock iOS 9 version

Software Unlocking Method:

This method requires a Jailbroken iDevice, which we know that iOS 9 version will be protected from the exploits of TaiG jailbreaking tool. Also, even if the iOS 9 version can be jailbroken from TaiG, the Ultrasn0w app (Which is responsible for the software unlock) supports only up to 6.1.6 iOS version. So, do not expect a Software Unlock for iOS 9 version any time soon (or ever).

Hardware Unlocking Method:

This method also has iOS, baseband and iPhone model requirements. Hardware methods are being released after 4-5 months of an iOS release (Since they need to create a specially designed SIM-Card), but their results are far from reliable.

Official IMEI Method can Unlock iOS 9 version

The Official IMEI Method is the only one that is not focusing on the iOS or Baseband version of the iPhone you want to unlock. Check below why this method it being used by the majority of iPhone users:

  • Official IMEI Unlock iOS 9 version
    Official IMEI Unlock iOS 9-9.3.5 version
    It is Apple-Approved
  • All Mobile Networks are accepting it
  • All iPhone models are supported
  • All iOS and baseband versions are supported
  • The Unlocking Results are permanent
  • You can upgrade to any future iOS version, without re-locking your iPhone

These are the main and the most important reasons that people choose the Official IMEI Method to Unlock their iPhones.

Since it is not iOS-dependent you will be able to Unlock iOS 9 version without any problems.

Prepare your iPhone to Unlock iOS 9 version

You will have to know some specific details about your iPhone before purchasing an Official IMEI Unlock for iOS 9 version.

Since the Official IMEI Method is focusing on your iPhone’s Carrier, you should know which that carrier is.

The Official IMEI Method is able to locate your iPhone (through your IMEI number) in Apple’s and Mobile Network’s databases, and mark it as unlocked.

So, in order to help this method to Unlock iOS 9 version, you will have to know the following information:

  1. The Model of your iPhone (2G, 3G, 3Gs, 4, 4s, 5, 5c, 5s, 6, 6+, 6s, 6s+, SE, 7 & 7+)
  2. The IMEI Number of your iPhone (Dial *#06# to your phone app)
  3. The Mobile network of your iPhon
  4. Lost or Stolen status of your iPhone
To easily and accurately find all the above information about your iPhone, use a full iPhone Unlock Check service (we recommend

How to Unlock iOS 9 version with Official IMEI Method

After getting all the above information you are now ready to proceed with an Official IMEI Unlock Order for your iPhone.

You need to find a valid, legitimate, trusted and safe IMEI Unlock Provider (Companies that use the Official IMEI Method to unlock any iPhone with any Mobile Network). The following service, not only will identify the Network of your iPhone, its Blacklist & iCloud status, but it will also provide you a list of TOP iPhone Unlock providers that support your device.

All IMEI Unlock providers has been tested and verified!

Identify the status of your iOS 9 iPhone and learn how to Unlock it with

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  1. pascal says:

    IMEI 013044007971032
    IPHONE 4S 16 Go ios 9
    Rogers ( CANADA) does not want to unlock my phone cause not the #1 owner ( 4 years old , doesn’t know who it was )

    1. Zisis ( User Karma: 54996 ) says:

      Hey Pascal,

      Rogers Canada Network can be unlocked with the Official IMEI Method.

      You need to double check the Network and the Blacklist Status of your iPhone (You can check it HERE), before making an Official IMEI Unlock Order, so you can be sure that you ordered the right service.

      If you are 100% sure of your iPhone’s Network and Blacklist Statusthen you can go to the following link and order a Rogers Canada Unlock service.
      Link: Rogers Canada iPhone Unlock Service

  2. Oma says:

    I beg you to help me. I am from Kyrgyzstan. I ordered the iphone 6 on Ebay! when inserted simkarty not read, that is, is locked by a sprint! And to razblokirovt is expensive I do not have money independently to activate or unlock! Excuse me and thank you in advance for my English, translated into google translater

  3. Oma says:

    I beg you to help me. I am from Kyrgyzstan. I ordered the iphone 6 on Ebay! when inserted simkarty not read, that is, is locked by a sprint! And to razblokirovt is expensive I do not have money independently to activate or unlock! Excuse me and thank you in advance for my English, translated into google translater
    IMEI 356983064260596
    IPHONE 6

    1. Zisis ( User Karma: 54996 ) says:

      Hey Oma,

      To Unlock a Sprint USA iPhone, you need to know a few things first.

      1) Is your iPhone Blacklisted (Lost or Stolen?)
      2) Is your iPhone In-contract?
      3) Do you have any unpaid bills or other financial issues with Sprint USA?

      Those things can be quickly found with an iPhone IMEI Check service.

      After knowing all those informed, you can proceed with a Sprint USA iPhone Unlock order.

  4. JD says:

    Hey, I need to find my IMEI on my iPad (Wi-Fi), but the device is locked at the icloud activation screen.

    Do you have any suggestions as to how I can find the device’s IMEI? The device is running ios 9 and I tried to select the (i) at the welcome screen, but it no longer shows the IMEI. It shows various regions laws and and what not.


    1. Zisis ( User Karma: 54996 ) says:

      Hello JD,

      You can find the IMEI number of your iPad through iTunes (Have in mind that if your Ipad does not support SIM-Card, it will not have an IMEI number).

      If you cannot access iTunes, then you will have to search for the iTools software (It is free).

  5. nana says:

    how much will it cost to factory reset an iPhone 6. i am buying it from eBay and do not know the history of the phone unfortunately but the seller confirms that the phone is locked and cannot bypass icloud.

  6. vishal gadhvi says:

    i have an iphone 6 i bought it from singapore and i live in india. it has been icloud locked by my son and he doesnt have any idea of unlocking it. my iphone 6 has been i cloud locked and i even have no idea about the icloud ID and PASSWORD so what can be done please help me. even my original bill has been lost and there no chance of getting the copy of the bill from singapore. so please help

    1. Jason ( User Karma: 54996 ) says:

      Hey Vishal,

      Have you tried contacting Apple and informing them about your situation? If you can prove them that you bought this iPhone and that you are the original owner, then they will be able to help you.

      Now, if you already did this and they could not help you, then you will have to find the Apple ID of your device, so you can use the “Forgot my password” option and reset it.

      If you do not know the Apple ID of your device, you can use the following service: iCloud Contact Information Service

  7. moha says:

    iphone 6s plus

    not sure if clean or not but there is bills on it when i bought it ( didnt know that b4 buying )

    which service should i use to unlock


  8. Harry says:

    Does the IMEI unlock work on a IPad 4 WiFi only? Cuz they don’t have an IMEI number?
    Mine is currently in icloud lock..

  9. Tope says:

    Hello.. I bought an iPad mini just this week from someone of which the ipad got “icloud activation lock”..he used it for about five months and it got locked as he upgraded it to 9.3.2 (last month)..well he also bought it from someone else and has misplaced her contact.. Now that I want to unlock it. .it says the a password is required to activate it because the owner has used “Find My iPhone ” to link to thier apple Id

  10. Angel says:

    Hello, I bought an iPhone SE running iOS 9 and in order to work you have to activate with Straight Talk. Can I unlock it somehow and use my Greek SIM card? Thank you.

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