Do you Love Spying? Check out iPhone Spy Apps

Call Log Pro

Call Log Pro is one of the best iPhone spy apps for spying activities when you need to call an individual and record the call. It actually enable you to record the conversation without any trouble. Nevertheless, while the app is declared to be free, just initial 2 minutes can be recorded without any cost. After that, you need to purchase the recording time.

GPS Location Tracker

It is installed to the target phone that is required to be tracked. After that, itSpy Apps for iPhone starts tracking device’s locations through GPS or WiFi and shares them to a safe server. For this purpose, you need to sign in to on iPhone or iPad in order to check the tracked locations. This app is very useful to find out the activities of your children, spouse or any other beloved one. You can also check whether your iPhone has been stolen or lost.

Top Secret Audio Recorder

This app helps to record secret conversations. You can use it to record meetings, lectures and chats. It includes a modern sound sensing feature that allows stopping recording of long durations of silence. It means you are able to record conversations in your absence. You can use it know what your friends really think or say about you behind your back.

Live Cams Pro

This app shows you public cameras from all over the world. Isn’t it cool? HowSpy Apps for iPhone the cameras are accessed is a quite unknown secret. The most important thing is that this app enables you to include your own webcam and control it through your mobile. Doesn’t it seem best spying gadget?

Secret Camera

Need a more tactful way to take secret photos? This app enables you to subtly take pictures while surfing the websites. It also includes a Black Screen mode that totally conceals the fact when you take secret pictures.

007’s Vidicon

While taking secret pictures, you may also need to inconspicuously record videos. 007’s Vidicon is the best app for this purpose. The app comes with 5 cover modes such as Video, Audio, Black, Web, and Book Mode. With the Audio mode, you can carry out subtle actions to record video while listening to music.

Do you Love Spying? Check out iPhone Spy Apps
Article Name
Do you Love Spying? Check out iPhone Spy Apps
Some of the best iPhone Spy Apps to help you out in knowing crucial stuff in a most discreet way.

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