Check iPhone without a SIM Card using only the iPhone’s IMEI number

I wouldn’t suggest buying a second-hand iPhone without checking it first. The reasons? Plenty, with iPhone Scams, SIM Lock, iCloud Lock and Blacklist Status being just the pick of the iceberg. When you purchase a refurbished iPhone from a local store or through personal transaction you can always insert your SIM card and try to make a call to ensure that the iPhone is unlocked (but trust me this isn’t enough). But what can you do when you want to buy a pre-owned iPhone from an online market like Amazon, Craigslist or eBay? Your SIM card is useless in this case, so you need a method to Check the iPhone without a SIM Card.

Check iPhone without a SIM Card and hidden issues

Checking an iPhone without a SIM Card

The SIM Card Check Method won’t tell you much about a second handed iPhone anyway. There are so many iPhone Hidden Issues that can make an iPhone:

  • useless
  • not eligible for iPhone Unlocking
  • spoil any iPhone Unlocking attempt
  • relock your iPhone after a while, even if you successfully unlocked it

On top of that, there is always the danger of getting a needless iPhone Unlock Service and pay more money without any reason!

This is why we need something better from iPhone SIM card Check Method and fortunately, this something exists and it’s called  iPhone IMEI Check Service

iPhone IMEI Check Service: Check iPhone without a SIM Card

This service has authorized access to Apple GSX Database and it will uncover totally everything about an iPhone. The only requirement of IMEI GSX Service is the IMEI number of the iPhone (check out here all the ways to find it out). I strongly advise you to make the iPhone seller create a small video showing you the iPhone’s IMEI number from all available sources.

The results of the IMEI Check report when you check an iPhone without a SIM Card
Example of an IMEI Check Report
And yes, iPhone Unlocking experts will suggest you the appropriate and guaranteed iPhone Unlock Options!

Contents of the IMEI Check report

1. SIM Lock Status Check

Is the iPhone Network Locked or not?

2. Blacklist Status Check

The blacklist status of an iPhone becomes active when the iPhone is reported as lost or stolen to a Mobile Network by its original owner, when there are pending contract bills to a Carrier, when the iPhone was involved in illegal activities or when the iPhone IMEI number is replaced by Apple. Of course, blacklisted iPhones can be unlocked but it will cost you more and it will take more time.

3. iCloud Activation Lock Status Check

When iCloud Activation Lock is enabled, the iPhone cannot be activated without original owner’s Apple ID and Password. Keep in mind that iCloud Lock must be removed with an iCloud Hack Tool or iCloud ID Finder Service before you SIM Unlock the iPhone.

4. Locking Carrier Identification

You won’t be able to use an IMEI Unlock Service if you don’t know which Wireless Network SIM locked the iPhone. But you don’t have to worry about that anymore!

5. Contract Status Check

Sometimes people sell their iPhones while they are still under contract and if you buy such an iPhone, things will certainly turn bad because even if you Carrier Unlock the iPhone at first place, it can get relocked or even blacklisted (e.g. pending contract bills)

6. Financial Balance Status Check

If the previous owner didn’t pay all the contract bills, the iPhone can become blacklisted at any time

7. Warranty Status Check

Buying a refurbished iPhone which is still protected by Apple Warranty or AppleCare+ is never a good idea because both constitute iPhone’s original ownership

8. Insurance Claims Status Check

If Apple Warranty and AppleCare+ are a bad idea, an iPhone protected by insurance plan is even worse! The original owner has the ability to report the iPhone as stolen to the Insurance Company and get another one as a replacement. And guess what happens to the other iPhone… yeap, it becomes blacklisted and sometimes it is even impossible to unlock it. Beware!

9. Replaced IMEI number Status

Some Apple’s partners and of course Apple can use Apple GSX Database to change an iPhone’s IMEI number for various reasons. When the locked iPhone has a replaced IMEI number, the IMEI Unlock Service must be applied to the original IMEI number or else it will fail. But now this will never happen to you!

10. Replaced Serial Number Status

When Apple replaces an iPhone with hardware or software issues, the serial number is also replaced. Carriers refuse to unlock or operate with iPhones with replaced Serial number.

11. True iPhone Specs

Are you sure about the iPhone’s model, color, storage and serial number? Now you are!

Don’t hesitate to ask a question if you have issues with iPhone Unlocking or Checking. We will email you ASAP with the answer! Until next time, take care iPhone Unlockers!

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