Check if the iPhone is stolen before buying or unlocking

It is really annoying when you purchase a used iPhone and discover that it was stolen or lost. When iCloud Activation Lock is enabled, then you know that you have to deal with a stolen iPhone. But is the iPhone also blacklisted or does it have another issue that won’t let you unlocking it? It is really easy to check if an iPhone is stolen when you know the right iPhone Check Method. And it is no other than iPhone IMEI Check Service.

What it means that an iPhone is stolen

When an iPhone gets stolen or lost there are two major issues (and a ton of other iPhone hidden issues)

  1. The iCloud Activation Lock
    When an iPhone is iCloud Locked, you won’t be able to activate it without original owner’s Apple ID and Password. This means that you will get stuck on the iCloud Activation Lock Screen as soon as you turn on the stolen iPhone.
    Check if an iPhone is stolen and iCloud Activation Lock Screen
  2. The Blacklist Status
    When the original owner reports that the iPhone was stolen or lost to his/her Mobile Network, then the iPhone will get blacklisted. This means that you won’t be able to use any SIM Card as long as the iPhone remains blacklisted.

Guide of what to do with a stolen iPhone

Let’s take things from the beginning. When you decide to buy a second-hand iPhone in order to save money, there is always the danger of getting a stolen or problematic iDevice when you don’t check it first.

You can purchase a stolen iPhone

  • From online markets (eBay, Amazon, Craigslist, etc.)
  • Local Stores (Walmart, etc.)
  • Pawn shops
  • From a random guy in the street (this choice always lead in tough situations)

So, the iPhone selling source is irrelevant. Scammers find ways to sell their loot even with the most trusted markets and the reason is quite simple: None of them check if an iPhone is stolen!

How to IMEI Check if iPhone is stolen

If you are not buying the pre-owned iPhone from an online market, you should always insert your SIM card and try to make a call. If you can it is a good start but unfortunately, it is not enough.

There is a great number of issues that can lock, relock, spoil any iPhone Unlocking attempt or even render your iPhone completely useless.

  • SIM Lock
    Most of the times, iPhones are simlocked to original owner’s Wireless Network. You won’t be able to use other Mobile Networks’ SIM cards unless you Carrier Unlock the iPhone
  • iCloud Activation Lock
  • Blacklist Status
  • Locking Carrier Identification
    You won’t be able to use an iPhone Unlocking Service when you don’t know which Carrier locked or Blacklisted the iPhone
  • Contract Status
    As long as the iPhone remains under contract with the previous owner, the iPhone can get blacklisted or relocked
  • Financial Balance Status
    If the previous owner didn’t pay all the contract bills the iPhone will get Blacklisted
  • Warranty Status
    Avoid buying used iPhone with active Apple Warranty or AppleCare+. Both of them are solid proof of iPhone’s original ownership
  • Insurance Claims Status
    If an iPhone is protected by an Insurance Plan, the original owner can report the iPhone as stolen or lost after you buy it and get a new one as a replacement. You refurbished iPhone will become blacklisted and the previous owner will get a brand new iPhone and your money in the process
  • Replaced IMEI Number Status
    All IMEI Unlock and iCloud Unlock Services must be applied to iPhone’s original IMEI Number. If the IMEI number was replaced, iPhone Unlocking will fail. So, which is the original IMEI number?
  • Replaced Serial Number Status
    Most Mobile Networks will refuse to operate with an iPhone that its Serial Number was replaced by Apple

But you don’t have to worry about any of them because you can expose all of them and check if an iPhone is stolen with iPhone IMEI Check Service!

This service requires only the iPhone’s IMEI Number in order to access Apple’s GSX Database and get you everything you need to know!

Check if an iPhone is stolen


After you check if iPhone is stolen

  • If you were lucky and read this article before buying a used iPhone then you will never spend money on a stolen iPhone!
  • If you already purchased a stolen iPhone, then you will know if it can be unlocked and on top of that, iPhone experts will advise you how to proceed with the right iPhone Unlocking Services.

Ask us a question or get your personal 24/7 iPhone assistant by subscribing to Unflaw. Until next time, take care iPhone Unlockers!

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