How to Bypass iPhone Restrictions Passcode – Recover Data After Losing your iPhone Restrictions PIN

bypass iPhone restrictions passcodeEvery iPhone user is territorial over their device. Your iPhone functions as a gateway to your personal life; you have photos, videos, important contacts, apps, and other information stored in it. You do not want anyone accessing your iPhone and getting a hold of this information. Parental controls come to the rescue in such instances only until you start searching for ways to bypass iPhone restrictions passcode.

Losing your iPhone passcode PIN means that you get locked out of accessing important features and functions. Like with forgetting your regular iPhone passcode; losing the restrictions PIN means that you have to erase and restore your iPhone to gain back full access. You can recover your iPhone restrictions passcode, or if you have to restore your iPhone, you can get back your erased iPhone data.

Before getting right into it, for anyone dealing with iPhone data loss issues, including lost iPhone restrictions PIN, the How To Restore Deleted Data on iPhone 5s, 5C, 6, 6+, 6s, 6s+, 7, & 7+ can help you out.

What is the iPhone Restrictions Passcode?

bypassand restore iPhone restrictions passcodeIn the simplest way to explain it, the iPhone restrictions passcode functions as a parental control. It limits or blocks access to particular apps or features. 

The iPhone restrictions passcode, much like your regular iPhone passcode, uses a four-digit access PIN. You set it up in the following way:

  • Access your iPhone Settings, select General, and navigate to Restrictions.
  • Choose to Turn On restrictions.
  • Set a four-digit Restrictions Passcode.

How Does the iPhone Restrictions Passcode Work?

Once an iPhone restrictions PIN is in effect, you can limit access to listed apps and features. You will know that an app or feature can get restricted when it has a checkmark beside it. Go to “General” > “Settings” and have a look at what you can restrict. You can limit access to the following iPhone apps and features:

Apps that can be restricted - bypass iPhone restrictions passcode

Wondering who would need an iPhone restrictions PIN on their phone? Well, almost everyone needs it. Parents who regularly give their kids their iPhones to play games on would want to restrict access to certain apps, songs, and streaming services. Businesses that issue work iPhones to their employees will want to limit some functions if the iPhones are set up using company details.

Some of the other reasons why iPhone users enable restrictions code is to prevent in-app purchases or app installation. These limitations are helpful particularly for parents who at times give their kids their phones to play games.

How Can you Lose your Restrictions Passcode?

You set a restrictions passcode on your iPhone, how can you then end up not remembering it? It happens, and several reasons can make anyone start asking around for how to bypass iPhone restrictions passcode

  • It could be just a human error, and you hear people saying they can’t remember iPhone restrictions passcode. If you are not in the best state of mind, feeling frustrated, or even angry, it is easy to forget your restrictions PIN.
  • You recently changed your restrictions passcode and mistakenly entered a number that you can’t remember.
  • Someone tries to access an app or feature that you have restricted. The person may end up entering the wrong passcode several times.

What Happens When you Lose your iPhone Restrictions PIN?

Losing Restriction Passcode - bypass iPhone restrictions passcodeIf you forget your restrictions PIN or lose it in some way, the restrictions on your iPhone remain in effect. Just like the iPhone’s unlock passcode, six failed entries causes an iPhone system delay for a minute. Seven incorrect entries cause a delay for five minutes, followed by 15 minutes, and eventually, one hour with each failed restrictions PIN entry.

However, after 11 failed restriction PIN entries, the iPhone does not self-erase like it does when incorrect passcode entries. It just means that you have to wait longer before trying to enter the PIN again.Losing an iPhone restrictions passcode leads to iPhone data loss as well. Most iPhone users who cannot completely remember their iPhone restrictions PIN have to opt for a reset and end up losing their data this way.

How to Bypass iPhone Restrictions Passcode

What happens if you cannot bypass iPhone restrictions passcode
How to Bypass iPhone Restrictions Passcode

The only way to bypass an iPhone restrictions PIN is restoring it through iTunes. Restoring an iPhone and setting it up as a new device resets the iPhone restrictions passcode to default, which means that it disables the passcode. However, it is important to note that restoring the phone using a backup cannot bypass iPhone restrictions passcode.

Resetting the Phone to Remove iPhone Restrictions PIN

To perform this process, open your iPhone settings,

1)  Go to General then select Reset.

2) Choose to Erase All Content and Settings. It is important to understand that this will wipe out all your iPhone data including contacts, videos, photos, and everything else stored on it. Choose this option only with an iTunes or iCloud backup available that you can restore.

3) Once the iPhone’s content gets erased, restore it using the available backup through iTunes.

How to Recover your iPhone Restrictions Passcode to Avoid Restoring your Phone

bypass iPhone restrictions passcode with the help of "How to Restore Deleted Data" eBook
Bypass iPhone Restrictions Passcode Solution

An option to try reset restrictions passcode without restore involves a trial and error process. If you cannot remember your iPhone restrictions passcode, you have ten attempts to give different combinations a try. The chances are that you can eventually enter the correct restrictions PIN by trying out different combinations of the numbers you remember.

The only problem with the approach is that you have to wait a given amount of time with each incorrect entry. You can try cheat time by forwarding your iPhone clock a little past the waiting period. Some iPhone users say that this worked for them. It ends up being a tedious process but pays off if you finally enter the correct restrictions PIN.

However, it still isn’t a full proof method, and you may end up having to erase and restore your iPhone to remove the restrictions PIN.

If you still have problems recovering your lost iPhone restrictions PIN, or face problems recovering erased data after the restore process, get our Ebook How To Restore Deleted Data on iPhone 5s, 5C, 6, 6+, 6s, 6s+, 7, & 7+. The Ebook gives a detailed guide on the different ways to recover various types of lost iPhone data.

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