All the ways to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock

Many people prefer to buy a refurbished iPhone from an online market, a local store, a pawn shop or through a personal transaction in order to save money but unfortunately, as long as they don’t IMEI Check the used iPhone, there is the grave danger of buying an iCloud Locked iPhone. If you are one of them, I will show you how to check a used iPhone, how to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock and how to SIM unlock the iPhone afterward.

What is iCloud Activation Lock

iCloud Activation Lock is the best anti-theft security measurement ever created. An iCloud Locked iPhone is bound to original owner’s Apple ID and Password. When an iCloud Locked iPhone gets lost or stolen, it will require both of them in order to get activated. So, basically whoever try to turn on the iPhone will get stuck on the iCloud Activation Lock Screen.

Bypass iCloud Activation Lock Screen

On top of that, the original owner can track down the iCloud Locked iPhone with Find My iPhone (as soon as WiFi is enabled) and place a message with contact information.

Can I Bypass iCloud Activation Lock?

There is a vast number of iCloud Lock Bypass Tools online. Unfortunately, most of them are just scams. In fact, after testing all of them and taking under consideration our visitors reports, I discovered only one reliable iCloud Lock Removal Tool, the iCloud Account Unlock Online. But even this one, won’t work all the times. I personally, tested it with 4 iCloud Locked iPhones, an iPhone 5s, an iPhone 6, an iPhone 6s and an iPhone 7. iPhone 5s and 6 were iCloud Unlocked but iPhone 6s and 7 remain locked.

50% success ratio is not bad but in my opinion, there is another way to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock, a way that will keep both sides happy, you and the iPhone’s original owner.

How to find the original owner and deactivate iCloud Activation Lock

You wouldn’t like someone to iCloud unlock an iPhone that was stolen from you. iCloud Activation Lock is only the first issue you will have to deal with. In 99,9% of the times, the iCloud Locked iPhone is also Blacklisted and SIM Locked and possibly still under contract with the original owner’s Carrier.

The best way to proceed is to contact the original owner and ask him/her to disable iCloud Activation Lock. As long as you are not the iPhone’s thief you have nothing to fear. On the contrary, you are a victim like the iPhone’s previous owner. Experience taught us that in the majority of situations, the original owner will gladly remove iCloud Activation Lock.

Most times, you can see the original owner’s email address or phone number on the iCloud Activation Screen. If you don’t, then you can use iCloud ID Finder and track down the original owner.

You will only need the iCloud Locked iPhone’s:

  1. IMEI number and
  2. UDID number

in order to get all the info below from Apple’s iCloud Database.

Bypass iCloud Activation Lock by finding iPhone's original owner

Moreover, if the previous owner is not responding, you can use this info and make a Formal iCloud Lock Removal Request to Apple.

After you Bypass iCloud Activation Lock

The iCloud Activation Lock won’t be your only problem. There are many iPhone hidden issues that can lock, relock, void unlock procedure or even make an iPhone completely useless and beyond repair. The most important ones are:

  1. The SIM Lock Status
  2. The iCloud Lock Status
  3. The Blacklist Status
  4. Locking Mobile Network Status
  5. The Contact Status
  6. The Warranty Status
  7. The Insurance Claims Status
  8. The Financial Balance Status
  9. The Replaced IMEI Number Status
  10. The Replaced Serial Number Status

You can easily expose all of them with the IMEI Check Service. This service requires only the iPhone’s IMEI number in order to get you all the info about an iPhone from Apple’s GSX Database.

Get an iPhone IMEI Check Report before you Bypass iCloud Activation Lock
Sample of an iPhone IMEI Check Report

iPhone experts will inform you about all the issues of the iPhone and most importantly will advise you how to proceed with the right iPhone Unlocking Options.

In fact, you should use this service before you Bypass iCloud Activation Lock or even better before you buy a used iPhone next time.

Ask us a question and we will email you ASAP with the answer or get your personal iPhone assistant by subscribing to UnFlaw. Until next time, take care iPhone Unlockers.

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