How to fix a Blacklisted iPhone and use any SIM Card you want

Many people tend to buy refurbished iPhones without IMEI Checking them first. This is always a bad call because a used iPhone can be SIM locked, iCloud Locked, Blacklisted or have another hidden issue. If you are one of them and you mistakenly bought a blacklisted iPhone, I will show you the only guaranteed Blacklisted iPhone Fix solution for all iPhone models and Wireless Networks.

Guide to Blacklisted iPhone Fix

The creation of iPhone Blacklist Status was necessary to deal with iPhone thieves. Since 2012 every country has its own blacklist and some neighboring countries even share their blacklists.

As soon as:

  1. An iPhone is reported as lost or stolen to a Carrier by its original owner
  2. There is an Insurance Claim
  3. The iPhone is involved in fraud or illegal activities
  4. There are pending contract bills to a Wireless Network

The iPhone will enter the country’s Blacklist and it will be impossible to use it inside this country or anywhere else in the world. So, is there a Blacklisted iPhone Fix?

The answer is YES. Follow these steps carefully and your blacklisted iPhone will be SIM Unlocked or even Unblacklisted in a couple of weeks!

Step 1: Blacklisted iPhone Check

I can imagine the shock when you found out that you bought a blacklisted iPhone.

  • The online market description said that the iPhone was fully unlocked
  • The local store employee told you that the iPhone is completely ok
  • The person who sold you the iPhone reassured you that the iPhone works perfectly fine

The selling source makes no difference. You should always check a product before you buy it. When the product is an iPhone, the best way to do so is the IMEI Check Service. This service instantly uncovers everything about an iPhone from Apple’s GSX Database by using only the iPhone’s IMEI number.

Blacklisted iPhone Fix starts with the IMEI Check Service!
+ Contract Status Check, Financial Balance Check, Insurance Claims Check & True iPhone Specs

If you are thinking that iPhone IMEI Check Service is useless because you already bought the problematic iPhone, then you are horribly wrong.

The success of any Blacklisted iPhone Unlock Service has to do with the pieces of knowledge below:

  • The reason why your iPhone was blacklisted
  • In which country it was blacklisted
  • Which Carrier Blacklisted it
  • Other iPhone Hidden Issues like Contract Status, Financial Balance or Replaced IMEI Number.

The IMEI GSX Report will show you if your blacklisted iPhone can be unlocked without any chances of relocking. On top of that, if you use the right IMEI Check Provider, iPhone Unlock Experts will advise you how to proceed with the best Blacklisted iPhone Fix Services.

Step 2: Unbar/Unblacklist iPhone Services

There are a few Mobile Networks that you will need to unblacklist your iPhone before you Carrier Unlock it, otherwise the Blacklisted iPhone Fix will fail.

If your iPhone was blacklisted by:

  • T-Mobile, Sprint or Verizon in the USA
  • Orange, PCS, EE, T-Mobile, O2, Tesco in the UK

then don’t move on to step 3 before you unblacklist your iPhone. I don’t know why this is happening but our experience in iPhone Unlocking and our visitor reports shows that when you have to deal with these Carriers there is no other way around.

Step 3: Blacklisted iPhone Fix with Factory Premium Unlock

We already ensured the eligibility and success of the SIM Unlock procedure and the time has come to officially unlock any Blacklisted iPhone. The one and only iPhone Unlocking Method to accomplish that is the Factory Premium Unlock Service (aka Premium IMEI Unlock Service). This service is the advanced version of IMEI Unlock Service, specially developed for blacklisted iDevices. Factory Premium Unlock requires:

  1. The Blacklisted iPhone’s IMEI number
  2. The iPhone Model
  3. Which Wireless Network SIM Locked and Blacklisted the iPhone
  4. The iPhone’s Blacklist Status

With this info, the Premium IMEI Unlock Provider will access Apple’s GSX Database and change the SIM Lock Status from Locked to unlocked, permanently.

But as I told you in Step 1, there are a few things to take into account.

  • If your iPhone was blacklisted for pending contract bills, you will be able to use all GSM Networks worldwide except the one that blacklisted the iPhone. If you are so desperate to use this Network, then you will have to pay for the debt. In fact, you can contact the Wireless Network first and avoid using Factory Premium Unlock.
  • If your iPhone was blacklisted for any other reason, then it will be Network Unlocked worldwide except the country it was blacklisted at first place (and maybe 1 or 2 neighboring countries if they share their blacklists). This is happening because your iPhone is SIM Unlocked but remains Blacklisted in that country. If you live in this country, then there is nothing more you can do than selling the iPhone via an online market or keeping it and use it when you travel abroad.
  • If your iPhone was blacklisted by one of the Mobile Networks in step 2, then your are lucky because your iPhone will be fully unlocked everywhere in the world.

Don’t hesitate to ask us a question if you still wonder about iPhone Unlocking. We will email you ASAP with the answer. Until next time, take care iPhone Unlockers!

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    i bought an iPhone that is blacklisted it was an insurance claim there is no iCloud account what is the cost to remove from blacklist so i can use it in the uk it is on o2

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