Blacklisted IMEI Fix for iPhone 7+/7/SE/6s+/6s/6+/6/5s/5C/5/4s/4

There are times when buying a refurbished iPhone that seems a good deal is proven a disaster. One of the most common reasons is the active blacklist status. So, how can someone fix a blacklisted IMEI iPhone and use the blacklisted iPhone?

In this article, I will show you

  • How to check an iPhone and discover if it is blacklisted or has another hidden issue BEFORE you buy it
  • How to check a blacklisted iPhone, find out why it is blacklisted and what role will play when you go for an IMEI Blacklist Unlock
  • How to Carrier Unlock a blacklisted iPhone
  • How to unblacklist an iPhone

Without any further delay, let’s start fixing a Blacklisted IMEI iPhone.

Why an iPhone gets a Blacklisted IMEI number?

Blacklisted IMEI Fix - What are the reasons?

The most common reasons behind iPhone’s Blacklist Status are:

  1. When is reported as Lost or Stolen to a Carrier by its original owner
  2. When the iPhone was involved in illegal or fraud activities
  3. When there was an insurance claim
  4. When there are pending contract bills to a Mobile Network
  5. When an iPhone’s IMEI number was replaced by Apple (this means that the original IMEI number is blacklisted)

As soon as one of the above happens, the iPhone will become Blacklisted and you won’t be able to use it inside any country.

Blacklisted IMEI Fix – Check iPhone’s Blacklist Status/Reason

You might think it’s too late to talk about iPhone Checking since you already bought a blacklisted iPhone but learning about iPhone IMEI Check will save you from trouble next time and even now, it is crucial before you decide to use a Bad IMEI iPhone Unlock.

The first thing that comes to mind is to visit an Apple Store or contact the Mobile Network that blacklisted the iPhone. Right??? WRONG!

  • Maybe there isn’t an Apple Store near your area and even if there is one, the Apple Store employee will tell you nothing about your iPhone. Of course, if they admit that the iPhone is blacklisted, they won’t tell you which Wireless Network blacklisted your iPhone, why it became blacklisted and most importantly, they won’t fix your blacklisted IMEI iPhone.
  • You can’t contact any Carrier because you still don’t know which one is it and even if you do, they won’t be able to help you unless the iPhone was blacklisted for pending contract bills. (I will tell you more about this later on)

The only way to fully check an iPhone, expose all the problems and make sure that the iPhone is eligible for SIM Unlocking is the iPhone IMEI Check Service.

The blacklisted iPhone’s IMEI number is the most powerful weapon in your hands and the only requirement of getting an IMEI Check Report, straight from Apple GSX Database containing

Before you fix a blacklisted IMEI iPhone start with an IMEI Check Service!
+ True iPhone Specs

Without a solid IMEI GSX Report, you won’t be able to fix a blacklisted IMEI iPhone because some of the info are required for any Network Unlocking Service while others will tell you if you can use the blacklisted iPhone inside your country after the unlocking procedure.

iPhone Blacklisted IMEI Fix

When you want to SIM Unlock a blacklisted iPhone, there is a one-way solution, the Factory Premium Unlock. This is a more sophisticated version of Factory Unlock Service (aka IMEI Unlock Service), developed exclusively for blacklisted iPhones. It works exactly the same but because of the blacklist status it is more difficult and this is why it costs more and takes longer to complete.

To use a Premium IMEI Unlock Service you will need:

  1. The Blacklisted iPhone’s IMEI number
  2. The iPhone model
  3. Which Carrier Blacklisted and Network Locked the iPhone

Then, the Factory Premium Unlock provider will track down your iPhone inside Apple GSX Database and switch the SIM Lock Status from Locked to Unlocked, permanently.

Next Step after Blacklisted IMEI Fix – Unlocking a Blacklisted iPhone

If the iPhone wasn’t blacklisted, you would be able to use all GSM Networks worldwide after a simple Factory Unlock Service but now there are a few blacklist status aftereffects to consider.

There are 3 vital pieces of information that will determine the outcome of Factory Unlocking a Blacklisted iPhone and these are:

  1. The Blacklisting Reason
  2. In which country the iPhone was Blacklisted
  3. Which Wireless Network Blacklisted the iPhone

First of all, the blacklisted IMEI iPhone will be Carrier Unlocked but it will remain blacklisted. There are no Blacklist Removal Services and the only way to unblacklist an iPhone is to make sure that the blacklisting reason no longer occurs.

  • If the iPhone was blacklisted due to STOLEN/LOST/FRAUD ACTIVITIES/INSURANCE CLAIMS/REPLACED IMEI reason, you will be able to use all GSM Networks worldwide but unfortunately, the iPhone won’t operate inside the country it was blacklisted and maybe a couple of neighboring countries if they share their blacklists. But if you are unlucky and live in that country, then you can always sell the iPhone as unlocked to another country (the whole world is your market pool) or you can keep this iPhone and use it when you travel abroad with local SIM Cards and avoid roaming fees.
  • If the iPhone was blacklisted for PENDING CONTRACT BILLS, then you are lucky because you will be able to use all GSM Networks worldwide, except the one that blacklisted the iPhone. If you are so desperate to use this Carrier, you can pay for those bills and unblacklist the iPhone.
    In fact, after the IMEI Check, you could first contact the Carrier and find out the cost of the pending contract bills. Maybe it will cost less to cover those bills and unblacklist the iPhone from the beginning but keep in mind that this doesn’t mean that the iPhone will be SIM Unlocked at the same time. But after all, the simple Factory Unlock costs way less than Factory Premium Unlock, so do the math and choose the cheaper solution.

This is how you fix a blacklisted IMEI iPhone. If you still have questions or need our help, leave a comment below. Until next time, take care iPhone Unlockers!

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