Blacklist iPhone Unlock: How to activate an iPhone with bad ESN

Buying a used iPhone without IMEI Checking it first almost always leads in tough situations. One of them is purchasing a blacklisted iPhone. But how can you manage Blacklist iPhone Unlock?

In this article, I will show you how to SIM unlock a blacklisted iPhone and all the things you want to know when you deal with an iPhone entered a country’s blacklist!

The creation of Blacklists

In the beginning of 2000, Europe understood that something had to be done with stolen mobiles and black market and created the first Cellphone Blacklist. Since 2013, every country has its own Blacklist and there are also cases than neighboring countries share their Blacklists together. As long as a smartphone is registered in a Blacklist, it won’t operate with any Wireless Network worldwide!

How does an iPhone get Blacklisted?

There are 3 reasons an iPhone will become a part of a Blacklist:

  1. When the iPhone is reported as STOLEN or LOST to a Carrier by its original owner
  2. When an iPhone is involved in fraud or illegal activities
  3. When there are contract bills left unpaid

As soon as one of these reasons applies, the iPhone will be useless but not beyond repair because there are Blacklist iPhone Unlock Solutions.

But how can I know that an iPhone is Blacklisted?

All iPhone’s info is included inside Apple’s GSX Databases. What kind of info? Take a look:

  • A successful Blacklist iPhone Unlock begins with an IMEI CheckSIM Lock Status
  • Blacklist Status
  • Which Mobile Network SIM locked or Blacklisted the iPhone
  • iCloud Lock Status
  • Contract Status
  • Financial Balance Status
  • Apple Warranty Status
  • Insurance Claims Status
  • IMEI Number Replacement Status
  • Serial Number Replacement Status
  • iPhone Specs
  • iPhone Market Value

This info is only accessible to Apple’s partners and since you are not one of them, only an iPhone IMEI Check Service will reveal these hidden issues! The only thing you will need is the iPhone’s IMEI number (click here if you don’t know how to find it).

Now, you know if your iPhone is really Blacklisted, all the other problems it might have and on top of that, your Blacklist iPhone Unlock Service will be successful of you will get all your money back!

Everything about Blacklist iPhone Unlock

Let’s get to the matter at hand. You have a GSM iPhone with Bad IMEI or a CDMA iPhone with Bad ESN. (Yes, by this I mean that the iPhone is Blacklisted)

The solution to your problem is Premium IMEI Unlock Service, also known as Factory Premium Unlock! This method is the evolution of Official IMEI Service, specially designed for Blacklisted iPhones. It works the same but the outcome varies, depending on the reason your iPhone got Blacklisted!

To use a Factory Premium Unlock, you will need:

  1. The Blacklisted iPhone’s IMEI number
  2. The iPhone model
  3. Which Carrier locked the Blacklisted iPhone

Which Blacklist iPhone Unlock Provider should I use?

We searched and found the best iPhone Unlocking Providers. Keep in mind, that we constantly check and test more than 40 IMEI Unlock Providers, in order to suggest you 100% guaranteed solutions! You can see more in our iPhone Unlock Comparison Page!


My personal favorite is iPhoneUnlock.Zone but using any of these 3 IMEI Unlocking Companies ensures safe iPhone Unlocking. Tell me your opinion by leaving a comment below!

Blacklist iPhone Unlock for Stolen/Lost iPhones or iPhones involved in Fraud Activities

In this case, your iPhone will be SIM Unlocked worldwide but it will still not operate inside the country it was Blacklisted and maybe 1-2 neighboring counties (if they share Blacklists). This is because the iPhone cannot be unblacklisted unless the reason it was blacklisted no longer occurs. If this is your situation, don’t get frustrated!

  • Sell the iPhone to another country, using an online market, at its maximum market value because this iPhone is fully unlocked!
  • Sell the iPhone to a foreign student, tourist or a friend of your who lives in another country!
  • Use this iPhone when you travel abroad and avoid expensive roaming fees by using local SIM Cards

Blacklist iPhone Unlock for iPhone with Pending Contract Bills

In this case, you are lucky because this iPhone will be Carrier Unlocked inside the country it was blacklisted and worldwide with only one exception: The Mobile Network that blacklisted it!

Until next time, take care iPhone Unlockers!

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