Blacklisted iPhone Unlock is only possible with the right Unlock Method

The biggest problem when you buy a second hand iPhone is that you might end up with a blacklisted one, without even knowing it. After reading this article you will learn, once and for all how to check if an iPhone is blacklisted, what blacklisted really means and finally how to unlock it. Blacklisted iPhone Unlock can be done only with the right Unlock method and you are about to find out the best one.

This is why you need a Blacklisted iPhone Unlock Service

Many people out there don’t want to spend money every time a new iPhone model is released. This is why they prefer to buy used iPhone from on line e-shops like eBay or Craigslist. But if you don’t know what to check before buying a second hand iPhone, you might end up buying a Blacklisted or Locked one. And this is the Blacklisted iPhone Unlock service out there.

When an iPhone is considered Blacklisted?

An iPhone gets Blacklisted for the following reasons:

  1. It is reported as Lost
  2. It is reported as Stolen
  3. It has Unpaid Contract Bills
  4. It is involved in fraud activities

For example, if the original owner of an iPhone has reported it as Stolen and you bought it from an e-shop without knowing it, you are now own a Blacklisted iDevice!

When none of the above applies, the iPhone is considered Clean and you don’t need a Blacklisted iPhone Unlock Service!

How can I be 100% sure I need a Blacklisted iPhone Unlock Service?

If you bought an iPhone and you can’t make calls, use mobile data or send messages then it is Blacklisted or Locked. You must always know if the iPhone that you are going to buy is Clean or Blacklisted and the only safe and accurate way to do so is an Official IMEI Check Service. With that service you can get the following information:

  1. SIM-Lock Status
  2. Carrier Identification (The Mobile network that initialy locked the iPhone)
  3. Blacklist Status
  4. Contract Status
  5. iCloud Status
  6. If Find My iPhone is enabled
  7. Warranty Status
  8. Financial Status
  9. other technical info

The best Official IMEI Check Service provider after extended researh and tests is unlockspector. Blacklisted iPhone Unlock-Official IMEI Check Service

They will inform you about iPhone’s status and the best Blacklisted iPhone Unlock Solution for you.

What are my Blacklisted iPhone Unlock options?

Traditionally there three different Blacklisted iPhone Unlock methods:

  1. The Software Method that stopped working since the release of iOS 7.1.2 on June 30 2014.
  2. The Hardware Method that was and still remains risky and has only 30% rate of success. A custom SIM card is created and is putted with the original SIM card inside the SIM tray. But most of the times it only damages your iPhone.
  3. The Official IMEI Unlock Method. In fact it is the only option when a Blacklisted iPhone has to be unlocked for sure! Is the only method approved from Apple and all the Mobile networks and works with all iPhone models, every IOS version (and this means iOS 9.3.3), any Baseband. On top of that, the unlocking is PERMANENT and can continue to update to the latest iOS versions and use any SIM card!

What I need to unlock my blacklisted iPhone with an IMEI method?

Only four things:

  1. IMEI number (15-digit unique code)
  2. iPhone model
  3. The Carrier that locks the iPhone
  4. The Blacklist Status (Clean, Lost, Stolen, Unpaid Bills)

This is why an IMEI Check service is so important. When you now all of the above the Official IMEI Unlock service will find the iPhone inside Apple’s servers (GSX databases) and unlock it forever. The best Official IMEI Unlock Service provider is iPhoneUnlock.Zone. It is the only with 96% of satisfied customers.Blacklisted iPhone Unlock-Satisfied-Customer1

How Blacklisted iPhone Unlock works?

You will need a Premium Unlock Service because blacklisted iPhones is the worst case scenario of unlocking. Have in mind that the iPhone will never be able to operate in the country that it was blacklisted but you will be able to use it in other countries when you travel or sell it to the higher possible price. Unlocked iPhones cost at least 200$ more that the locked ones.

The Premium Unlock Service offers:

  • fast and simple procedure
  • permanent unlock
  • ability to update to any iOS version
  • iTunes sync and ALL other activities
  • You don’t have to send your iPhone anyware

All you have to do is to address the best Premium Unlock service provider: iPhoneUnlock.Zone.

This is how a Blacklisted iPhone Unlock is done!

First of all

Order an Official IMEI Check Service.

This is the only way to find if your iPhone is blacklisted or not and learn all the necessary info to finally

Order an Official IMEI Unlock Premium Service

and unlock your blacklisted iDevice for once and for all!Blacklisted iPhone Unlock-iPhone

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