5 Reasons to Unlock SIM Lock

When you have an iPhone, you probably will not care too much about some of its shortcomings. After using it for a while, you start wishing that you could do more with it. At this point, most iPhone users realize that they should unlock SIM lock from iPhones.

Some people may not mind owning an iPhone locked to a particular network, but it eventually becomes a problem. Before going right into the process of unlocking iPhones; it is essential to know the reasons why to unlock SIM lock from iPhones.

Why do People End Up With SIM Locked iPhones?

why should you unlock SIM lock on iPhonesIt does not matter whether you have a new or pre-owned iPhone; it seems like everyone wants to own one of these coveted Apple devices. However, iPhones do not come cheap, and you will spend $600+ for a brand new iPhone. The current models are even costlier with the iPhone X priced incredibly at $999.

Network carriers make iPhone ownership much more possible through affordable contract packages.

Most iPhone carrier contracts run for two years. It means that you make monthly payments over that period as a way of paying for the phone. Carriers usually place SIM locks on iPhones to make sure that they benefit as much as possible from such deals. 

You can have the iPhone network unlocked after completing the two-year contract payments. However, you have the option of paying the carrier some fees to have them unlock the iPhone beforehand.

5 Reasons to Unlock SIM Lock from iPhones

Owning a SIM-locked iPhone is not the worst thing in the world, but it limits your ability to use your iPhone as you please. Some of the reasons why you should unlock your iPhone include:

#5 Use your Preffered Mobile Service Provider

More than often, the network carrier offering the iPhone is not necessarily the mobile service provider you prefer. You have to settle with using a network service you would not have chosen otherwise for between 18 months to two years.

why unlock SIM lock from your iPhoneMost of us prefer using the cell services from the network carriers that we are familiar with. You can regain the freedom to use your preffered cell service by unlocking a SIM-locked iPhone.

#4 Switch Between Different SIM Cards 

At times, the SIM card you have inside your phone has a weak signal in some places. If you have a SIM card from another carrier, you can switch between the SIMs to solve this problem. However, swapping between different SIM cards only works with network unlocked iPhones.

The reason why your carrier placed the SIM lock on your iPhone is to prevent you from using the services of other network providers. You can remove your iPhone’s network lock to use it with multiple SIM cards from different cell service providers.

#3 Save on Mobile Service Costs

When you have the freedom to choose a network provider you can select one with the most favorable talk and data packages.  You will not be tied down to high cell service costs. Likewise, you can switch between different network providers to take advantage of the continuously changing service deals.

In the case of business iPhones, it helps keep cell service costs down and cuts back on operation costs.

#2 Reduce or Avoid Roaming Costs

reasons to unlock SIM lock from iPhonesPeople who travel regularly find that they have to deal with ridiculously high roaming charges. Some mobile service providers offer deals on roaming costs making it more affordable. However, the best way to avoid roaming costs is by using local SIM cards from your travel destination.

The only way to use SIM cards from different network carriers even across borders is to unlock SIM lock from iPhones.

#1 Sell your Used High Phone at a Higher Resale Cost 

You will eventually want to sell your iPhone when you want to buy another one. While eBay, Amazon and other eMarkets make it easier to sell your used iPhone, it takes longer to sell a SIM-locked iPhone and get a decent amount for it.

However, you can easily sell an unlocked iPhone at a higher value online. Also, you can sell it to anyone across the globe because it is usable anywhere around the world.

How to Unlock SIM Lock from iPhones

You have four choices to unlock an iPhone locked to a carrier’s network. However, you should understand that only one of the unlock processes works as the only genuine and permanent way to remove a SIM lock from your iPhone.

  • Unlocking Software

You must have come across software unlocking tools that promise to help you with a SIM lock problem. The iPhone software unlock process worked for older iPhone models that featured a loophole. Unfortunately, most do not work on the newer iPhone models because they come with upgraded iOS algorithms.

  • Unlocking Hardware

the right way to unlock SIM lockThe internet has several sites offering iPhone hardware unlock tools. As implied, the process uses a physical approach to make changes to the iPhone’s equipment so that it can work with SIM cards from other carriers.

The first two methods have a high failure rate, and they often damage your iPhone’s software/hardware. Also, many iPhone users void their Apple warranty when they use either of the two unlock processes.

  • Carrier Unlock

While having your carrier unlock your iPhone could be the best option, most people do not want to wait for the required two years. If you do ask them to unlock your iPhone before completing your contract with them, most charge a contract termination fee. However, it is one of the reliable ways to unlock a SIM-locked iPhone.

  • IMEI Unlock

If none of the three options work for you, then an IMEI unlock service is what you need. iPhone unlocking providers who use your iPhone’s IMEI details to remove its SIM lock. It is the same method that mobile service providers use to lock your iPhone and unlock it after your contract ends.

The iPhone IMEI unlock process involves transferring your IMEI details from the locked to unlocked list on the Apple GSX server. The process takes place virtually and does not affect your iPhone in any way.

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