3D Touch was introduced to the pubic with the release of iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s+ on September 2015. At that time many people out there believed that this was a useless feature that was trying ti immitate the long press button functions that exists on Android smartphones. Maybe they were right because up till now, with iOS 9.3.2, we didn’t saw a function or an App that could make 3D Touch something more essential for iDevices users. But 3D Touch on iOS 10 is another story.

3D Touch on iOS 10 is a must have feature

Many iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ owners strongy suggested that despite the fact that iPhone 6s was a good product, it didn’t worth spending more money to get it and they stack with their previous models. On top of that nobody could see how the 3D Touch addition was something that could take their iphones to the next level. Unfortunately for them this is finally happening! 3D Touch will be an alternative way to use a number of your iDevice functions until this fall. From September 2016 and the release of iPhone 7, 3D Touch on iOS 10 will be the best way to get the most out of your iDevice because Apple finally found better ways to use it.

3D Touch on iOS 10 is NOT the long press of Android

This is a fact! 3D Touch on iOS 10 and long-press on Android have nothing to do with each other! Long Press on Android just brings you a pop-up menu. But 3D Touch on iOS 10 means and does a bunch of things like:

  • It is faster than Android’s Long Press
  • Pressure adjustments from Settings give you a variation of instant functions
  • No accidental activation
  • Standard Press and 3D Touch let’s you Peek
  • Add more pressure and you get a message or a similar action

3D Touch on iOS 10-Control Center

3D Touch on iOS 10 and iPhone 6 and 6+

Testing 3D Touch on iOS 10 right now on a non-3D touch iDevice means only one thing: Bugs.

We all know that most of this happen because we are talking about iOS 10 Beta 2 and beta versions are always faulty. But one this that someone finds at first sight is that while loading animations, transitions and generally everything run smooth on iPhone 6s or later models, things get problematic on iPhone 6+ or 6. Of course this doesn’t mean that these bugs won’t get gradually fixed but

owner of iPhone 6+ or 6 might have to wait until the release of iOS 10.3 to solve all their bug problems.

Control Center and 3D Touch on iOS 10

For the first time Control Center in combination with 3D Touch on iOS 10 becomes what it was meant to be. A real Control Center. Some of the great new features are:

  • Hard press to clear all notifications
  • You can interact with notifications without getting into the App
  • Tapping with lesser pressure gets you the setting options for an App without leaving the Control Center.

Widgets, Lock Screen Notifications and 3D Touch on iOS 10

So much stuff going on in this case too! Take a look:

  • Pressing on an icon uncovers a widget with further details (if supported)
  • You can share all the Apps from the Home Screen
  • Jump into a folder’s notification without opening the folder

3D Touch on iOS 10-Lock Screen

3d Touch on iOS 10 brings a new era

It’s not the end of the world if you can’t buy an iPhone 6s or 6s+ (or 7 after September 2016) but the truth is that 3D Touch on iOS 10 will be a real breakthrough to the way we use our iDevices.

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