How to Unlock iPhone 3G

iPhone 3G is Apple’s second smartphone, and it was a major upgrade back then. It is the second generation of the iPhone series and it was released on June of 2008. Since, it is an old model, the hacker community managed to find working methods to jailbreak and unlock them!

Check iPhone Lock Issues

Step 1:
Get your IMEI checked
Step 2:
Choose Unlock Provider
Step 3:
Request iPhone Unlock

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Unlock iPhone 3G – How it can be done?

As a general rule, there are 3 ways to Unlock an iPhone, the Software, the hardware and the Official IMEI method. It is up to you to decide which method suits you best, but lets get specific!

The software method can only work on an iPhone that is jailbroken, whereas the Official IMEI method can work to all iPhones. The benefits of a jailbreak are many, but this is irrelevant with the unlocking procedure. The jailbreak is only being used to allow the installation of 3rd party application to your iPhone (this is the only way the unlock can happen).

Official IMEI method – How to Unlock iPhone 3GUnlock iPhone 3G

It does not require a jailbreak, but it also supports a jailbroken iPhone. The Official IMEI method is able to unlock iPhone 3G permanently, which means after a restore or an iOS upgrade, you will still be able to use any SIM-Card you want.

How can I How to Unlock iPhone 3G – Either with Official or Software method

In order to proceed with an Official IMEI method, you need to find a reliable and guaranteed iPhone Unlock Provider.We suggest the following:

Unlock iPhone 3G with iPhoneUnlock.Zone

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