How to Unlock iPhone 2G

iPhone 2G, or first generation iPhone, is the first release of Apple’s smartphones, and it got public on 2007. You may think that its capabilities are very limited, and you will be right, but iPhone 2G can still carry on some basic actions, like most popular apps and of course internet access.

Check iPhone Lock Issues

Step 1:
Get your IMEI checked
Step 2:
Choose Unlock Provider
Step 3:
Request iPhone Unlock

Missing Apple ID & password? Remove the iCloud Lock with the iCloud Unlock Solution!.

Unlock iPhone 2G – Is it possible?

The great thing about the old iPhone models, like iPhone 2G, is that they can be not only jailbroken, but they can also get unlocked!

There are many methods to unlock an iPhone, but the old models can be unlocked with the good and old Software method. In order to apply this Software hack on the iPhone 2G, you first must jailbreak it.

How to Unlock iPhone 2G and how to Jailbreak it?Unlock iPhone 2G

You do not have to be an expert to Jailbreak and Unlock iPhone 2G, you just have to be able to follow instructions. There are two tutorials that will be provided to you, one for Jailbreaking it and one for Unlocking it. The order is essential, because in order to apply a Software Unlock, your iPhone must be Jailbroken first.

The Jailbreaking and Unlocking procedures do not hide any dangers. Even if something goes wrong during the procedure (bad cable, missed a step or sudden shut down of the jailbreaking procedure) no hardware failure can happen to your iPhone. Also the procedure can be reverted very easily!

Get the tutorials that will Jailbreak and Unlock iPhone 2G!

We do not require a subscription to our site or even a membership to give you the tutorials. We only require from you is to ask help about your problem, and we will get back at you within 30 to 60 minutes!

If you want them, all you have to do is ask! Just make any question you want! If you ask as about the Jailbreaking/Unlocking Tutorial of iPhone 2G, then within 30 to 60 minutes you will have it and you will be able to start applying it!

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