Samsung Galaxy S6/S7 Edge Unlock code for T-Mobile USA

Unlock Samsung Galaxy S6/S7 Edge from T-Mobile USA

Continuing our posts about Android and specifically Samsung Unlock codes and methods, we wanted to share some information about the Samsung Galaxy S6/S7 Edge models.

It is one of the most popular Samsung Smartphones, which means that many people would want to unlock their devices from T-Mobile USA with an unlock code.

The Samsung Galaxy S6/S7 Edge Unlock code for T-Mobile USA is easy, quick and cheap to get, and it will provide you a permanent network unlocked Samsung Smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S6/S7 Edge Unlock code for T-Mobile USA requires the Device Unlock application

All Android devices that are locked on T-Mobile USA Network, need the Device Unlock application in order to get unlocked.

Samsung Galaxy S6/S7 Edge models also need it and the good news is that the “Device Unlock” application from T-Mobile USA network is fully compatible with them.

Is my Samsung Galaxy S6/S7 Edge eligible for a T-Mobile USA Unlock Code?

You need to follow the next steps, in order to verify if your Samsung Galaxy S6/S7 Edge can accept an unlock code:

Check if your Samsung device is supported:

  1. Download and Install the “Device Unlock” application to your mobile (Download Device Unlock app)
  2. Connect your device with your WiFi network
  3. Launch the Application
  4. Tap on “Continue” option
  5. Tap on the “Permanent Unlock” option

After tapping on “Permanent Unlock” button, you will understand if your smartphone is eligible for an unlock code, if the Error Message is “UNLOCKED FAILED“. If you receive a different error message, then unfortunately you will have to proceed with some troubleshooting!

Samsung Galaxy S6/S7 Edge Unlock code for T-Mobile USA Unlock Failed

If the message is “UNLOCKED FAILED” then your device is supported by the T-Mobile USA Network Unlock service.

For any other Error Messages, you should either recheck your internet connection, uninstall and reinstall the T-Mobile USA Device Unlock application or, as a final resort, contact T-Mobile USA company for help.

Get your Samsung Galaxy S6/S7 Edge Unlock Code for T-Mobile USA network

After you verify that your Samsung Galaxy S6/S7 Edge is eligible and supports an Unlock Code for removing the T-Mobile USA Network lock, you can easily purchase an unlock code for permanently removing the SIM Lock from your device:


  • Only the IMEI number of your device is required to fully Unlock your Android Device from T-Mobile USA Network
  • Dial *#06# or go to Settings -> General -> Info
  • Where to send the T-Mobile USA Android Unlock confirmation
  • Price: $89.00
  • Price: $89 - Delivery Time: 1-5 business days
    Results: Permanent
    Network: T-Mobile USA - Devices: Samsung, LG, JTC, Alcatel, Sony, ZTE, and more
  • $0.00

The delivery time for your unlock code is usually a few hours, but it might take up to 72 hours.

Verify that your Samsung Galaxy S6/S7 Edge is Unlocked

    1. Connect your device to a WiFi
    2. Launch the “Device Unlock” application
    3. Click on the “Continue” option

Samsung Galaxy S6/S7 Edge Unlock code for T-Mobile USA 1

    1. Tap on the “Permanent Unlock” option

Samsung Galaxy S6/S7 Edge Unlock code for T-Mobile USA 2

  1. Let the app to check your iPhone’s Unlocked status
  2. Most likely the device will reboot
  3. Now, you can use ANY SIM-Card you want!

Summing up how to Unlock Samsung Galaxy S6/S7 Edge T-Mobile USA

  1. Download and Install T-Mobile’s USA “Device Unlock” app

  2. Check that the Error Message is “UNLOCK FAILED

  3. Proceed with a “T-Mobile USA Samsung Galaxy S6/S7 Edge Unlock service

  4. Verify that your Samsung Galaxy S6/S7 Edge is Unlocked

Unlock Samsung Galaxy S6/S7 Edge from T-Mobile USA Network

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