How do iPhone IMEI checkers work? Are they worth it?

This is a very common question among people who are interested in either having an iPhone IMEI check or an IMEI unlock. Many of them are not very confident to use these services for that reason. They always wonder where the information is gotten. Is it reliable? Is it legal? Well, this post is for you guys! Here, I will uncover all the secret about this topic.



iPhone IMEI checks: How do they work?


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I will start by explaining that iPhone IMEI checks are a very useful tool to reveal all the information related to a device, iPhones in this case. The information is collected from online servers that provide details about the history of the iPhone operative life. To get the data, it is required the IMEI number of the device. Some services may require additional info prior the IMEI check process but the IMEI number is essential.






IMEI number: What is it and why is it important?


The IMEI is a recorded code on mobile phones. This code identifies the device worldwide, and this information is transmitted to the network each time the device is connected. IMEI number consists of 15 numbers that are visible in the Settings menu of the device. All the activity of the user’s iPhone is registered in this database through a carrier platform. In the case of iPhone, this information is stored on the GSX servers of Apple.


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When an iPhone connects for the first time, the device sends this information to the database so it registers the date, the carrier, the country and the user who made the activation of the device.



Does it affect your privacy?


iphone imei, imei check, privacy, iphone unlock, data disclosureMany people have concerns about privacy. While it is true that Apple registers the activity data of every iPhone, it is also true that the privacy policies of the company prevent this data from being disclosed.


For iPhone IMEI checkers, user identity data is inaccessible. The only data that these services can access are those related to the status of the iPhone either by the carrier, iCloud or a blacklist without the need to reveal the user’s identity. You can also check if the device is under warranty or if it was modified by an authorized store. So, don’t worry, IMEI checkers DON’T invade your privacy at all.


Any change made through unauthorized stores such as the change of internal components or external structure are not registered by the database and therefore are not legal procedures. That is why if you are looking for a refurbished iPhone, look for an authorized store so you can have a warranty.


Laws do not allow disclosure of users’ data even though in special cases of crimes. While these conditions are worth reviewing to promote security and guarantee the state of justice, the users’ privacy is the standard by which Apple acts.


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If you are already sure to perform this step, then I recommend you a well-known iPhone IMEI check service that has good ratings and comments. In this way, you will get full benefits of an unlocked iPhone.






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