iOs 7: Top 10 Cydia Repos you should add!

Top 10 Cydia Repos – Do you have them all?

I am sure that you made your first step and you have Jailbroken your iDevice, but what comes next?

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How to add Repos on Cydia:

The procedure is very easy, but there is no harm showing it to you.

  1. Tap on Cydia
  2. Tap on “Manage
  3. Go to “Source“, then “Edit” and then “Add“.
  4. Type the Repo you want to add (its URL) and tap again on “Add“.

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The list of Top 10 Cydia Repos – First 5

1) Ryan Petrich’s Repo:

The repo URL is “” and it can provide you the following tweaks:

  • DisplayRecorder
  • OverBoard
  • Activator
  • and much more

2) BiteSMS Beta Repo:

What can we say about BiteSMS app? It is simply one of the reasons that people jailbreak their iDevices. The repo URL is ““.

3) Couria Beta Repo:

Couria is an app similar to BiteSMS, and it has around 1 month of life. It is highly recommended and you can add its repo with the following URL, ““.

4) iCleaner Pro Repo:

Great app to clean up your iDevice and free some space. Repo’s URL is ““.

5) StatusBarFix2 Repo:

After jailbreaking your iOS 7 device, in some cases the status bar has behaving “badly“. You can fix this issue by adding the following repo URL and installing this app, ““.

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Last 5 Top 10 Cydia Repos List

6) teamXBMC Repo:

If you watch movies and videos frequently on your iDevice, then this app is something you MUST try. The repo’s URL is ““.

7) CoolStar’s Repo:

This is not for new Jailbreakers, because it will give you a selection of command line tools (Which you will probably not need if you are not a “pro“). Repo’s URL is ““.

8) HASHBANG Productions Repo:

Add style to your iDevice and improve the iOS experience, add the following URL ““.

9) ParrotGeek Software Repo:

Provides some iOS improvements, such as the old voice of Siri, iOS 7 adrenaline and Unauthorized lightning Cable enabler. Repo’s URL is ““.

10) Karen’s Pineapple Repo:

Make your iDevice a Game Boy emulator and play many of the greatest old games! Repo’s URL is ““.

Top 10 Cydia Repos

Choose one of the following ways to reach us:

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