iOS 7.1 version released – Stay away from it!

Apple released today the iOS 7.1 version and it is downloadable from their website. Before listing you that it will fix or what are its new features, you must be warned to stay away from it, if you want to Jailbreak it. Evad3rs did not updated their evasi0n7 tool to support it, and it is not clear yet IF they will update it.

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iOS 7.1 version – Not Jailbreakable yet!iOS 7.1 version

Apple managed to patch 1-2 exploits evasi0n7 tool was using, which means evasi0n7 is useless for 7.1 iOS version. Now that we are clear (DO NOT UPDATE ON iOS 7.1 version!!), you can move on the details, fixes, improvements and new features iOS 7.1 version brings!

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CarPlay on iOS 7.1 version release!

I am sure that you all expected to see CarPlay in the iOS 7.1 version, after all all the beta versions gave a few insights from it. Lets list all iOS 7.1 version release improvements and bug fixes:

  • CarPlay app: You will simply connect your iPhone to a CarPlay enabled car and you will be able to make phone calls, listen to music, send messages and use some 3-rd party applications. You will be able to do that either through Siri (which is very cool!) or with the car’s touchscreen!
  • Siri app: Now you will be able to manually stop Siri from listening (and not let Siri to guess when you stopped talking) with the use of Home button (hold and release when you done!). Also, it has more natural sounding male/female voices (Mandarin, UK, Australian and Japanese)
  • iTunes radio: Create stations based on your favorite artist/song. Buy albums with only one tap, and subscribe to iTunes Match to enjoy ad-free iTunes radio!

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More additions – iOS 7.1 version release!

  • Calendar app: At last it support monthly view!! And it will show country specific holidays!iOS 7.1 version
  • For iPhone 5s, the camera setting automatically enables HDR
  • The iCloud Keychain supports more countries
  • Home Screen crash bug is fixed
  • iPhone 4 now runs much better with iOS 7.1 version!
  • Mail app bug for over 10.000 unread mails is now fixed

Once again, I have to remind you to stay away from iOS 7.1 version release, because jailbreak is not possible yet, and it probably will not be in the near future!

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