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iOS 10.3 has been released and as always many of you ask us every day if there is a trusted iCloud Hack Tool to remove iCloud Activation Lock. After extensive research and your reviews, here is what I found.

iCloud Hack for Removing iCloud Activation Lock

Since iOS 9, iCloud Unlocking became almost impossible by using iCloud Lock Bypass Tools because iCloud Activation Lock has been updated in many ways (integrated with Find My iPhone Feature, Built-in and unremovable app, etc.) but mostly against iCloud Hacks.

As long as iCloud Activation Lock is active, the iPhone needs original owner’s Apple ID and Password in order to get activated.

Until iOS 8 there were many iPhone Activation Lock Hacks and most of them used to work just fine but nowadays it is extremely difficult to find an iCloud Hacking Tool that works.

How someone gets an iCloud Locked iPhone

When you purchase a problematic refurbished iPhone, the reason is always the same: You bought the second-hand iPhone without checking it first. Besides the obvious SIM Lock, Blacklist Status and iCloud Activation Lock problems, there are many other iPhone’s hidden issues, you probably ignore.

You may think that the damage is already done but iPhone checking is even more important right now!

You bought an iCloud Locked iPhone and iCloud Activation Lock is the first thing you need to remove… but not the last. 99% of the times this iPhone will be also SIM Locked, probably blacklisted as lost or stolen by original owner’s Carrier and the hidden issues I told you can make you iPhone not eligible for unlocking or even relock it after a while.

The only way to make sure that your iPhone can be unlocked after iCloud Lock Removal is the iPhone IMEI Check Service, which will uncover everything about the iPhone you are holding in your hands from Apple’s GSX Database.

The only requirement to IMEI Check your iPhone is the IMEI number (check out here how to find it)

Get an IMEI Check report before you go for an iCloud hack

Part of an IMEI GSX report. Here you see, that the iPhone can be unlocked and after you remove iCloud Lock, you will need an Unblacklist Service and Factory Premium Unlock.

Please, do not skip the IMEI check part because you may deactivate iCloud Activation Lock and discover later that your iPhone cannot be fully unlocked!

The best iCloud Hack of 2017

Up till now, I was one of those that would never suggest using an iCloud Hack but after your request, I tested the most popular iCloud Activation Lock Removal Software and finally I discovered one that works!

So, after testing dozens of online and offline iCloud Lock Bypass Tools, I came across iCloud Account Unlock Online by iPhoneIMEI. It was the first iCloud Unlock Tool (and as it proved the last) that seemed solid. The way it works is simple: It will remove the original owner’s iCloud Account from the iPhone and you will be able to use yours. I tested this service with 2 iCloud Locked iPhones and both of them were iCloud unlocked in 2 days. The only thing you need to use the iCloud Account Unlock Online service is the iPhone’s IMEI number

iCloud Hack Alternative

The customer reports of iCloud Account Unlock Online Tool are cheering but others report that this service didn’t work for them… and I believe them. So, what happens if this service doesn’t work?

I already told you that all other iCloud Bypass tools are useless, so you can go for another one. But there is something else you can do. Something that in my opinion should be your first move from the beginning!

If you take a closer look on the iCloud Activation Screen, you will see that the original owner usually placed a message with a phone number or an email address in order to reach him/her.

Check the iCloud Activation Lock Screen before you fo for an iCloud hack

If you see such a message, contact the original owner. You would appreciate it if the stolen iPhone was yours and trust me… most of the times the original owner will gladly remove the iCloud Activation Lock without second thoughts because you were also scammed by the same iPhone thief.

But sometimes this kind of message is absent and the only way to find the original owner and ask for iCloud Lock Removal is the iCloud ID Finder Service.

This service has authorized access to Apple’s iCloud Databases and it will get you everything about iPhone’s original owner!

iCloud Hack and original owner's Contact Information Service

In order to use the iCloud ID finder you will need:

  1. The iCloud Locked iPhone’s IMEI number
  2. The iCloud Locked iPhone’s UDID number (check out here how to find it)

Keep in mind that if the original owner isn’t responding you can use this info and make a Formal iCloud Lock Removal Request to Apple!

Don’t hesitate to ask a question if your have issues with iPhone Unlocking and we will email you ASAP with the answer. Until next time, take care iPhone Unlockers!

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