Fun with Siri – How Siri responds?

Siri is a great application, not only for getting all the information you need (at least most of the times), but you can spend your time with her, having fun! Have a little  by asking her the following questions!

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Fun with Siri – You can ask her almost anything you want!

I know that I cannot include everything in that post, but these are some of my favorites!

“Tell me a Poem, Siri!”

Fun with Siri

I am sure that it provides other responses too, so just test her more than once!

“What does the fox say, Siri?”

fun with Siri

I am sure that the fox will probably say something from the above!

More ways to have Fun with Siri

One of my favorites is the next one, which shows that Siri’s developers DO have sense of humor!

“What’s the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?”

Fun with Siri

“Tell me a riddle, Siri!”

Fun with Siri

It would be great if she gave you a real riddle and you could start asking more questions and then find it (I ll forward this idea to Apple!)

“What is your favorite color, Siri?”

Fun with Siri

If you are a Star Wars fun, then the next is for you (I haven’t tried out to be honest).

“Beam me up Scotty!”

Fun with Siri

Get more close with Siri – Fun with Siri

It is not easy to get an “I love you from Siri”, but you are welcome to try!

Fun with Siri

Do you have any other moments of Fun with Siri you want to share with us? Send them to our e-mail and we will update that post for you.

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